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Re: energy bills

PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, 2011 8:17 am
by holy vehm
A lot to catch up on, many thanks :grin:

In a nutshell - i can get an old diesel engine to turn a 240v genny which will in turn provide me with a certain amount of electricity. If i dont have all appliances running at once and stagger its use i should provide enough. I could also rig up some kind of solar panel to charge the battery bank during the day to use at night.

The idea has to be simple and portable, the idea of heating water i like but to start with i just want to make electricity to run the house inc the heating and boiler system. Once this is done i could expand and perhaps incorporate a hot water system.

The next door nieghbour is an electrician, when i get the chance i will have a chat with him about this.
I also need to aquire the services of someone who can chop up a car for me and give me the engine. Im thinking of just getting the engine rather than the whole front end because i doubt it will fit in the box trailer and still give me room to get round it easily. I could make a housing unit that could be insulated to hold the engine.

I could use the genny to run the house and all the main appliances during the day and install a switch so i can switch over to the utility supply at night and do away with the battery bank altogether.

Re: energy bills

PostPosted: Fri Jun 10, 2011 8:21 am
by holy vehm
Life Vibration wrote:Hello treeman,

I have been doing some searching and am not satisfied that what I have found is what I originally saw. I seem to remember the thing I saw could power a house and was being sold through an existing company. I have a figure of 2,500 in mind.

But, I found this Sky News Australia link:

That sounds something like what I was saying......but not quite right.

I have mentioned this to several people over the years. Maybe it's a mixture of wishful thinking and confusing things in my befuddled memory?

Anyway, I'll just shrink back into the background again in an embarrassed silence. That'll teach me not to fire off a quick post whilst I am on my way out the door! :blush:

I too have looked at these devices over the years, esp magnets. The whole thing is fascinating but unproven and beyond me to make my own. I discussed a device called a water vortex which would be great but space and technical ability allude me.

I just want something simple, portable (ish) and easy to make without to much tech knowledge required.

Re: energy bills

PostPosted: Wed Dec 04, 2013 11:04 am
by e11
The first law of thermodynamics is easy to digest - It is that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it simply converts from one form into another. I can remember the oldest (and probably most valuable in getting the point across) was the Potential Energy = Kinetic energy explanation. Everything is potential, but when something falls the sky. Obviously the gravitational force causing the acceleration means it then becomes kinetic energy. Kinetic energy can transform into heat and other forms.

We are on one enormous magnet, one large battery and although it varies in strength depending on where about we are, it's a magnet nonetheless. It's always been suggested that this is how they were able to build large structures (Stonehenge, pyramids) by using the magnetic field to repel large objects, making them lighter.

If we get magnets, silver, soldering iron, a couple of transformers and other little bits, could easily make one of these. Always good to have a multi-meter if you want to create your own. 2014 is going to be the year I start working on a free energy device