in court friday help

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in court friday help

Postby mickstanley » Mon Aug 08, 2011 11:19 am

long running battle with tax/fraudsters. it appears to me they have made a direct breech of the fraud act .i sent two letters of complaint 2 different offices same time /forgive my humour/when a third party delivered a stat demand and really upset my ill mother .one came back saying agent doesnt work for us see abc second came back hmrc paperwork signed complaints ms g east the very person i was complaing about .misrepresentation big time and maybe broken some other law too.
i also made 3 sub acces request for vat info which all failed and mentioned vat in all correspondence none has been forthcoming /i fear they have made a little mistake of false accounting /fraud again/
can i use any of this to delay court action all ideas are welcome regards mickstanley
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Re: in court friday help

Postby chomerly » Wed Aug 17, 2011 3:22 pm

If your representing yourself i would suggest that you demand in court to have the trail in a properly conveyned court which inludes a jury.
Also, if the lay magistrate isn't going to honour that then i would ask the court to adjourn the case for a later date and bombared the tax office for the info you requested.
If there is a refusal and/or nothing is forthcoming then this helps defend your position.

How did you get into this situation anyway?
Do you have all documentation, including copies you sent, between you and the Inland Revenue?
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