Boxes - Four Corner Rule

Re: Boxes - Four Corner Rule

Postby Travels » Wed Aug 26, 2009 8:15 pm

Numerology tangent: Start.

In numerological terms, you enter the court as 1(the One, unity), and stand before the 3(perfect,utter,divine) magistrates in a 4(physical/earthly etc.)-cornered box. Have you ever seen the Rihanna 'Umbrella' vid where she's enclosed by the masculine triangle? If something encloses you then you are not free, you are contained and controlled. Very occult vid that one... :gasp: :puke:

So in mathematical language (the one true universal language), you consent to being presented as earthly, physical, 3-dimensional, can you say you have not consented when you have expressed your consent er...mathematically?! I know this sounds far-fetched and largely irrelevant, but if you believe as I do that information-control has been going on since at least the time of Sumer, and our entire age has been a deception, then it's not a massive leap of faith to think that our court-system might be founded on occult principles...(not a great leap at all huh?!), plus the fact that our laws on this physical plane are, in my opinion, continuations of Divine Law (which is basically what governs the movement of energy) in a kind of 'as-above so below' scenario, so you can see how the web might be woven...after all, it's all about manipulating your energy (money) right?

In case you don't have a grasp of numerology (I'm just beginning to get into it myself...always the fool never the master..!) this lil anecdote got me into it, so I'll share it here for those that are interested:

The pharoah initiate is brought to Giza, where he sees the Great Pyramid for the first time...without it's capstone...all pyramids have capstones, so why not this one? Being well-versed in all things astrological/numerological etc, he sees it is a shape of six-sides (including top and bottom) with eight corners.

6 =Preparation/Imperfection.
8 = Rebirth.

Is he being told in the universal language that this monument is symbolic of (6x8) preparation for rebirth...? Furthermore he sees that with the capstone, the pyramid would be a five-sided shape with five corners...

5=Initiation/The Great Initiate

...could the finished pyramid (5x5) be symbolic of the messianic priciple bringing with it the birth of enlightenment, ending man's eternal plight of preparation for rebirth?

It's a whole other language through shapes and symbols, and I love it..! And we all know how the PTB like to hide language from us, so I'm having a quality time getting my head into it...recommend it to anyone, you start to see stuff everywhere..! It might be wrong stuff, but it's stuff...

Anyway, told you this was a tangent...back to the thread...

The four-corner rule may or may not be written down in some masonic law manual somewhere, but it is definitely of great significance from a numerological perspective...don't let yourself be contained..!!!! :ouch:

Numerology tangent: End.
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Re: Boxes - Four Corner Rule

Postby gepisar » Wed Sep 02, 2009 1:55 pm

Just thought I'd throw in my tuppence: braces vs four corners?

I was told that if you have a document that says something like:

You [Mr Jones] are hereby noticed blah blah...

then the Mr Jones can not be "seen" by a judge for instance.
i.e. the judge will just "see"

You are hereby noticed blah blah...

Now, I asked a very good friend of mine, who is a long-time barrister and she said 'Crap! A Judge can "see" what he likes, especially if the implications of not "seeing" may lead to appeal cases.' Make of that what you will.

I MUST go and ask a Judge...anyone know one?
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