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Looks like this works after all!

PostPosted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 10:42 pm
by Ridiculaws
Hi friends! Can anyone provide me with some applicable feedback about these horrid parking tickets still lingering about in my life?!? Oh please!

Hello! I am from California (United States of course!), and I'm wondering if this method (boeVAT method) will work the same in my state/country as it does in yours. Also, does this method work even if I have 2 outstanding (delinquent---meaning WAY overdue in their eyes) parking tickets that I've refused to pay for over a year now? I should mention that I mistakenly appealed/contested (now I know this was the wrong way to go because you're submitting to some type of contract with them this way---no Bueno) .

..i only contested within the first level of the appeals process (the extortionist company, , denied my appeals within this initial review process (they upheld both tickets even though I gave proof for why they're not valid)...and when it came to advancing to the second level of the appeals process, the administrative hearing, I never pursued it since they make you pay for the tickets beforehand... I said, "Screw that...can you say extortion!?!?"

Oh gosh, I should totally mention how they threatened to send me to a collections agency and have since suspended my car registration!!!! I know I don't even want the registration, as I've finally seen the light of sovereignty, but I'd still like to get my registration out from under them...the dmv supposedly has suspended it (they sent a letter beforehand, threatening to suspend it by a certain date last year, so I'm only assuming, without having double checked by calling the dmv, that they have suspended it, and it's still suspended as of this date)! This is ridiculous, come to think of it, because, before I realized how to deal with this situation by common law, I placed my car under "non-operation" and paid a fee of $60 or so to do so!! And they still suspended my registration!???! On what grounds?!? (I thought registering it under non op would save me from this type of thing!)

I should add that these fines have doubled since I first received for $68 (original ~34) and the other for $179 (original ~70). I have reason to believe this company is also breaking multiple laws (under their own statute law), but that's only to be pursued via court (which I threatened them with...I sent them a 12 page letter showing which laws I am damn sure they are breaking, and have called and threatened multiple times, but to no avail, no one within the parking agency, the cities I received them within, or the local sheriffs office, have replied or dismissed my tickets! Oh how I'd love to sue them, if it were an easy process...I wouldn't know how to pursue, but I'm just sure they are extorting money by way of conflict of interest.

I understand your "way" of fighting a ticket can work, but I need to know if it's the best way...(and of course if it also relates to my country and state), OR if it would be better to send them an affidavit of truth (and to WHOM do I exactly send the affidavit to if this hasn't been taken to court ...and if I'm not even sure WHO/which corporate entity ISSUED these tickets in the first place!!!...meaning, was it the city/police, or was it the private ticket processing agency itself (which would by all means be illegal if they were doing it this way)) didn't say anywhere on either ticket who issued them (even though they are different cities and different violations!!)

I need to know what I should do and fast! I've been sitting on this far too long and I want to resolve this once and for all!!! Do you think it's possible they just "bluffed suspending my car registration??" I guess I should call the dmv to make sure, huh??

Any ideas/pointers you've got for me??? I know I blew it by initially contesting, but there still has to be a way, right?? How can I get these mofos!??? They've caused me loads of distress and this is all while my beautiful mother was killed by the monstrous medical industry this year (I also told them they issued the tickets when I was attending multiple funerals, mother had died/id been taking care of her and my father who both had been diagnosed with cancer this past year!! And my car was temporarily broken down!)...they don't care!!

I can go into more detail about what types of tickets (registration expiration ticket ---which was an easy $10 fix it ticket I was never notified of (I could have only paid the stinkers $10!!!!) and a street sweeping ticket--that I received in another county and city I was just visiting for the first time--ad there were no signs, except for one in the beginning of the neighborhood)...anyhow...I can go into more detail about how the company, and the cities it's contracting with, I believe, are breaking multiple laws, but I don't exactly know how to go about suing anyone and I'd like to resolve their stupid violations first!

Ugh...any ideas?!?? Please!!! Affidavit or your process (BoeVAT)? (your site, and other sites I've read into, recommend the affidavit approach I don't know where your approach fits in with this...???? AND, this is especially tricky given that I've let the tickets "sit" for over a year now with no resolution---overdue is an understatement! Hah! I need someone's beautiful common law legal advice soon soon soon! I hope it will still work on overdue tickets (I HATE their deadlines and time frames! What a load of hogwash!!).

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

I should add that I believe is the company issuing tickets (and not the city or sheriffs who are legally supposed to issue) because the envelope and ticket itself all say pticket!! Pticket is backed by Turbo Data Systems, all P.O. Boxes...just FYI. I know they are corrupt to the core, but I haven't been able to exactly prove if they are the ones issuing the tickets (and are the ones making the Initial Review decisions ---based on people's contest letters (legally, this is only supposed to be done by the issuer --and of course, since they are a third party agency contracted with a general law city, they are not legally allowed to issue either!)...I have recorded conversations, and they have acted mighty sketchy, and RuDE as all heck, but I still don't know where to go from I said, would love to sue them, but I'm more worried right now about my tickets going up in price even more, Sooo I'm trying to find a common law method to fight them, get them finally dismissed and my car registration reinstated, at this point!

Hope this all makes sense! This is UBER important, so any and all help is Sooo appreciated, trust me!! If you can help me resolve this situation and get these two tickets dismissed (and registration reinstated, and maybe even kick their butts to boot, I will give you a FREE health consultation!!! Because you deserve to be the healthiest you could ever be!!

Re: The BoEVAT Remedy

PostPosted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 4:54 pm
by iamani
Hi Ridiculaws,

The BOEVAT remedy is based on how the UK Value Added Tax system interacts with certain requirements of the Bills of Exchange Act 1882 (as amended).

If you had the same VAT system over there this would work for you as well as it does for anyone here.


Re: The BoEVAT Remedy

PostPosted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 12:48 pm
Apologies for private messaging without 10 post to me credit. I have been trying to educate myself for sometime in regard to geo politics, finance, education (we home school) but this is completely new to me. I only picked up this link from a YouTuber swilliamism.

Its fascinating stuff. I've admitted to being the driver on the M4v variable speed, going 59 when it altered to 50. I've been given 3 options. Fine, training course or Magistrate. I'd like to attempt sending one off your templated but at a loss of how when to send. Do I accept any of the 3 first?

I have 10 days to answer.

I understand if this will be ignored, no worries.

Re: The BoEVAT Remedy

PostPosted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 8:49 pm
by [Jay]
["Greetings, The Bills of Exchange Act 1882 is an oxymoron since it is an Act and not a Fact, i.e its fiction (Acting) that has no consent by the living man, its words are written in Fraud, such as 'demand' = No-mandate, 'Invoice' = No-speak-Contract, etc. The only valid argument in a court room building (after you have filed correct papers to the clerk of the court) would be 'What language are you speaking in?"]

Re: The BoEVAT Remedy

PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 2:44 am
by iamani

Hi and welcome MRWINSTONSMITH.

You are, by your first admission to them as a driver speeding, already too late to effectively challenge the ticket at your admitted level of knowledge.

Using templates is OK if you already know what you're doing, but not so good otherwise. Have you looked into commerce...?

Hi and welcome [Jay]

Fair comment, but Acts don't pretend to have anything to do with living man, only person. Once you really understand 'person' Acts can be your friend...


Re: The BoEVAT Remedy

PostPosted: Fri Apr 19, 2019 11:37 pm
by [Jay]
["Greetings, thank you iamani, good advice given, well done, I didnt want to complicate things but I do Quote Acts within quantum sentences, as you correctly say apply them to their persons status, which is effective and usually makes them vacate their fraudulent position and then can bring them into heavy fines and prison sentences by their own words, if you could enforce the successful suit that is."]