Index of Fundamentals

(As simplified as I can make them, based on the work of Rob, Mary, Winston and Irene etc)

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1.    'Lawful'

2.    'Power' (and scope)

3.    'Majority' (and scope)

4.    Personal Power .vs. Power vested in Representatives

5.    'Permission' and 'Licencing'

6.    'Registration'

7.    Diffusion of Rights into Statute-designated privileges

8.    'Services' and 'Benefits' accordingly

9.    Law and 'fictions'

10.  Making a 'Claim'

11.  Court de facto .vs. Court de jure

12.  'Wealth' and 'Ownership' of a Nation

13.  'Society'

14.  Contractual obligation

15.  Agreement to pay

16.  "I feel guilty, because I owe the money"

17.  'Responsibility' .vs. 'Authority'