What happens when you legalism back?

What happens when you legalism back?

Postby Freeman Stephen » Tue Feb 09, 2021 8:58 pm

They legalise back at you and you legalise back at them and you end up swamped in paper when fundamentally they're doing something morally wrong but because section 6Biv subsection 9 of the "I'm a lawmaker and I'm allowed to Pillage Act" your the one deemed to be committing crime to have anything while swaky lawyers drive about in big cars and cops go home to their privileged lifestyles having protected the fuck out of everybody's human rights.

Can you see the surveillance state? Does it exist? Is it just some nutty conspiracy theory that could never happen here?

They plan to implant medical devices in all of us which will track us like a google maps and covid-19 api that cannot be switched off or left at home. We are not 'manifesting' this. People blew the whistle on this plan when it sounded much more wackier. This isnt a theory. Its a very real conspiracy now committing Nuremberg Violations with no ambiguity under a narrative that is provably false. They are heavily restricting free speech by banning public gatherings and censoring the parts of the internet they control.

Download a tor browser install file now. Azure/snowflake bridges are safe from state intrusion even in China. VPN will not cut the mustard when you most need it.

Do you see there are 'actual nazis' deeming all witnesses to now overt crimes against humanity as 'right wing extremists' and 'racists' and any name to discourage those they deceive from hearing the truth. These people are literally making the law up as they go along to suit themself. They are visibly in violation of principals so lofty and above nationalistic laws that countries which do these things have always been indicted in international courts of 'crimes against humanity'.

Ignore this at our mutual peril.
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