Abuse of Police Reform Act

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Abuse of Police Reform Act

Postby Kiko4564 » Thu Apr 28, 2016 6:17 pm

What would you do if you were in a similar situation to me when I got stopped by a Police officer (PC 54 David Allum) for filming him and was asked for my name?

If you're interested in how I dealt with it that was as follows: I replied "That would be the name of the legal fiction and I'm not the legal fiction." to which he replied "The situation is this because of your behaviour, you've given me suspicion, OK, in which case potentially I could be investigating a criminal offence here. Therefore under the Police Reform Act 2002 you are required to provide me with your details." I responded by saying "The name I sometimes use is Harry Potter." (I actually gave PC Allum my real name and am using a pseudonym on here) and was subsquently asked "What is your date of birth Harry?". I replied "That is hearsay evidence." to which PC Allum replied "When was Harry Potter born?" to which I replied "That is hearsay evidence.". PC Allum replied "If you don't tell me your date of birth, hearsay or not, you will be arrested." I subsquently gave my hearsay date of birth under protest and duress to which PC Allum replied "Are you known to Police?". Having had numerous encounters with officers and PCSOs I replied "Yes." and PC Allum ran a PNC check which came up no trace. He then asked me "What is your real name?" to which I replied "I've just given you it." and he then explained "I don't believe that you are Harry Potter because I have just ran you through and in spite of the fact that you said you are known to the Police earlier there is no trace of you on our systems. Can you show me your ID please?" I replied "no thanks." To which he proceeded to ask whether I had ID on me. I answered "No comment" and was asked "Do you want to be searched?" to which I replied "no thanks". PC Allum again asked me to show him my ID to which I again refused. He proceeded to introduce himself as PC 54 Allum based at Bethel Street Police station and his colleague who was also present also introduced himself. PC Allum reached into my pocket, took my wallet out and removed my driving licence from it before reading it, putting it back in my wallet and handing it back to me before asking "It would have been easier if you just showed me your ID when I asked wouldn't it?" to which I replied "Shut up". I was asked whether I was treated professionally to which I replied "no" and whether I understood to which I replied "I do not understand but I do comprehend.". PC Allum proceeded to explain why I was searched and asked me to sign his paperwork which I refused to do. I was given a copy of the stop and search form and sent on my way. I subsquently made a formal complaint about PC Allum's conduct which was upheld and later requested compensation of £1000 from the Police force which was declined although I recieved a cheque of £100.
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