New kid in town...

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New kid in town...

Postby iamani » Tue Apr 12, 2016 7:02 pm

Greetings! Long time browser, first time poster. Have learned a lot here over last 18 months, thought i'd finally pop my head over the parapet to check on Veronica's well being as not found anything on tinterweb. Is she recovering ok? Thought it might cheer her up to know she is inspiring people in various ways. Ed Less (a bard) has asked me to pass on this verse he dedicates to her as she inspired him to look into common law.
Hi, my name is 'kin'jo, hope you're having a nice day. i don't know why you've stopped me though - can i be on my way?
Because i can't contract with you though you may think i should - there's no consideration here for me, and that's not good!
You see i have no legal name that i can call my own. Maybe i could borrow your's - a temporary loan?
No? i didn't think so, but it was worth a try. See, you don't have one either - it's ALL a bloody lie!
Far be it from me to have ideas above my station, and i'm not qualified to make legal determination
But if i use a legal name knowing it's not mine i'll be contravening copyright - that's fraud, i think you'll find!
For the Crown owns all the legal names, including mine and yours (though the copyright is lifted for the VIP's of course!)
What this means is every time you use a legal name you give judiciary a chance to make you play their game.
Now courts are corporations and they're here to make a profit. No interest in justice - no, no my friend, far from it!
True common law is man v man, it goes back many years. While colour of law statutes benefit the profiteers
So before you break the law (in forcing me to do the same) find out 'is it illegal to use a legal name?
And if you get an answer from someone prepared to sign a lawful affidavit with there asses on the line
Under penalty of perjury and liable in law, that to use a legal name is not illegal anymore
Then i'll gladly give it to you and we'll all be on our way - but i don't think the answer will be forthcoming today
For i'm not the first to ask this, for sure won't be the last - we're the non-violent extremists who have looked into the past
And found out why and how and who and what and when and where, the merchant banksters managed to convert our laws to theirs!
That's all i have to tell you - please don't think me rude. i've no wish to upset you or disturb your peacefull mood.
i don't just do this for me, i do it for you too. Perhaps one day you'll realise i gave you only truth.
Get well soon V.
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Re: New kid in town...

Postby squark » Thu Apr 14, 2016 7:57 am

I don't think its the Name its self, its the form thats copyright not the info on it.

Its not the Name its the status of the named person, its legal designated class of person. Driver, no Human Being. Taxpayer, no Human Being, Citizen, no Human Being, or Man, or Woman.

"You are a Resident,"
"no Mam I'm a human being."
"The Law says you are a Resident."
"Then I shall issue a constitutional challenge as the operation of law infringes on my guaranteed right to freedom of association and my right to not be held in servitude,and the right to self determination, and sue for the torts of denying me self determination, holding me in servitude and forcing me to associate with the State party."

Apparently there is more than one way. I don't know. I enjoy the work of Eternally Aware.
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Re: New kid in town...

Postby iamani » Fri Apr 15, 2016 11:03 am

Hi squark! Yes, it's a big subject 'the NAME' isn't it? i get where you're coming from and you could be right. i prefer the theory of everything on said form (i'm assuming b.c.) belonging to the crown. The 'person/corporation' is after all a creation of the crown, not me or you, and he who creates owns. As a legal doc i consider it suspect as it has two languages on it anyway. Havebookmarked Eternally Aware for perusal in the near future, thanks for the tip. Oh, and i think the premise that you can't copyright a name is not quite true - i think it more to the point to say a NAME can't be copyrighted TWICE... anyway, thanks for replying, i note you are one of the more active members, good on you!
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Re: New kid in town...

Postby iamani » Thu Oct 05, 2017 4:30 pm


i'm happy to report that 'eternally aware' YT channel is definitely worth watching.

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