Defaulted on Poll tax unwittingly

Defaulted on Poll tax unwittingly

Postby AJ1970 » Sat Jan 04, 2014 1:24 am

I have a lovely friend who has unknown to herself defaulted on her poll tax ,she's a peaceful person with a lovely family and a great outlook on life I need someones help please I'm posting on her behalf ,the system sent her a letter telling her that a summons to court will be coming shortly ,she's taken it to heart and it's had a big impact on her.
I'm still learning about Freeman and peaceful inhabitant things ,is there anyone on here that can at least point her in the right direction with a hope to resolution.
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Re: Defaulted on Poll tax unwittingly

Postby squark » Sat Jan 04, 2014 11:39 am

If it's unwittingly done, it's forgivable.
If you are not disputing that a payment is due, pay them.
If out of date is an issue, put nunc pro tunc on the cheque next to the date, which reads the date payment should have been made.
Nunc pro tunc - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎
Nunc pro tunc is a Latin expression in common legal use in the English language. It means now for then.

If the council or court wont accept you payment, or want to add some sort of fine, maybe offer them Bank Of England interest rate payment. Half a %.

......... you get awkward, ask them If they believe you are a party to the agreement they are talking about? (Local Government finance act) Do they have any proof? :sun: Wait, for their answer :sun: Don't speak, just wait :sun:

I think they will talk about a REGISTER. The word is from REGIS meaning the KING.
We have EQUALITY (no exceptions except by voluntary agreement) There is no RIGHTFUL KING. Its just a claim he makes. He sure has the 'look' of a King and its lifestyle!

Its citizenship and your consent to its status that binds you. They will claim you are WITHIN their JURISDICTION. Within the UK. The UK is a Democratic Society. So is the Choral Society.

Did you knowingly JOIN the society or was it assumed for you? did you know there was an option?
Were you threatened with a fine if you were outside the rules of the society?
Did you hear "you must have a NI number to work" (there's the fear of being unable to work and support yourself)
or "you have to get a drivers license or else you will be fined." (the fear of loss of property)
Ask the Judge......
What worth is a contract that is entered into under threat? or if the terms and conditions are hidden?
Is hearing a rumour the same as knowing? Is that full disclosure?
Ask the Council......
You suggest that living in this place requires a payment to you? Do I not have a right to Freedom of Association?
Can you give me full disclosure of the costs and benefits of associating with you?
Ask the Court......
If my window cleaner deliberately killed my dog, so I did not pay him and told him to never return.
What is right in those circumstances? What should I expect from a system of Justice in that situation?
Ask the Council.......
What can you tell me about the Liverpool Care Pathway?

Are you suffering from Citizen Status?
Did anyone ever see a cost benefit breakdown of Citizenship? Full disclosure of the terms and conditions?

It can't (lawfully) be forced on you!
You have to be choosing it! Did you know that?

:sun: Answering that lot will keep everyone busy for a while. :sun:
And the Lord spake unto his people, he said "Get Off MY Bloody Land!"
And the people gave unto the Lord, freely they gave him The Finger
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Re: Defaulted on Poll tax unwittingly

Postby Too Far Gone » Mon Feb 24, 2014 8:43 am

I have covered this on another forum, but I have not paid council tax for about 9 months. I'll dig it out and cut & paste here later on if you're still interested.
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Re: Defaulted on Poll tax unwittingly

Postby Too Far Gone » Mon Feb 24, 2014 11:56 am

here is a link to a thread I started on TUPC explaining the process
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