The Comet of 562

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The Comet of 562

Postby holy vehm » Sat Dec 07, 2013 10:57 am

"A ruler who violates the law is illegitimate. He has no right to be obeyed. His commands are mere force and coercion. Rulers who act lawlessly, whose laws are unlawful, are mere criminals".
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The Comet of 562

Postby Divide&Conquer » Thu Dec 12, 2013 11:22 am

Good read.

Particularly liked some of the following..........

From Morgan’s History of Britain:

“After an interregnum of some years, occupied by the contests of various claimants to the throne, Dyvnwal Moelmud, hereditary Duke of Cornwall, and the representative by both paternal and maternal descent, of the younger line of the Britan nidæ, was by general consent recognized Sovereign Paramount. His first act was to reduce to a Code the civil and international usages which the late commotions had disturbed. The Laws, thus systematized, are eminently distinguished for their clearness, brevity, justice, and humanity. They have come down to us in the Druidic form of Triads. We give a few examples.

“There are three tests of Civil Liberty,—equality of rights—equality of taxation—freedom to come and go.

There are three causes which ruin a State,—inordinate privileges—corruption of justice—national apathy.

There are three things which cannot be considered solid longer than their foundations are solid,—peace, property, and law.

Three things are indispensable to a true union of Nations, —sameness of laws, rights, and language.

There are three things free to all Britons,—the forest, the unworked mine, the right of hunting wild creatures.

There are three things which are private and sacred property in every man, Briton or foreigner,—his wife, his children, his domestic chattels.

There are three things belonging to a man which no law of men can touch, fine, or transfer,—his wife, his children, and the instruments of his calling; for no law can unman a man, or uncall a calling.

There are three persons in a family exempted from all manual or menial work—the little child, the old man or woman, and the family instructor.

There are three orders against whom no weapon can be bared—the herald, the bard, the head of a clan.

There are three of private rank, against whom no weapon can be bared,—a woman, a child under fifteen, and an unarmed man.

There are three things that require the unanimous vote of the nation to effect,—deposition of the sovereign—introduction of novelties in religion—suspension of law.

There are three civil birthrights of every Briton,—the right to go wherever he pleases—the right, wherever he is, to protection from his land and sovereign—the right of equal privileges and equal restrictions.

There are three property birthrights of every Briton,—five (British) acres of land for a home—the right of armorial bearings—the right of suffrage in the enacting of the laws, the male at twenty-one, the female on her marriage.

There are three guarantees of society,—security for life and limb—security for property—security of the rights of nature.

There are three sons of captives who free themselves,—a bard, a scholar, a mechanic.

There are three things the safety of which depends on that of the others,—the sovereignty—national courage—just administration of the laws.

There are three things which every Briton may legally be compelled to attend,—the worship of God—military service—and the courts of law.

For three things a Briton is pronounced a traitor, and forfeits his rights, emigration—collusion with an enemy —surrendering himself, and living under an enemy.

There are three things free to every man, Britain or foreigner, the refusal of which no law will justify,—water from spring, river, or well—firing from a decayed tree—a block of stone not in use.

There are three orders who are exempt from bearing arms,—the bard—the judge—the graduate in law or religion. These represent God and his peace, and no weapon must ever be found in their hand.

There are three kinds of sonship,—a son by marriage with a native Briton—an illegitimate son acknowledged on oath by his father—a son adopted out of the clan.

There are three whose power is kingly in law,—the sovereign paramount of Britain over all Britain and its isles —the princes palatine in their princedoms—the heads of the clans in their clans.

There are three thieves who shall not suffer punishment,—a woman compelled by her husband—a child—a necessitous person who has gone through three towns and to nine houses in each town without being able to obtain charity though he asked for it.

There are three ends of law,—prevention of wrong—punishment for wrong inflicted—insurance of just retribution.

There are three lawful castigations,—of a son by a father —of a kinsman by the head of a clan—of a soldier by his officer. The chief of a clan when marshalling his men may strike his man three ways—with his baton—with the flat of his sword—with his open hand. Each of these is a correction, not an insult.

There are three sacred things by which the conscience binds itself to truth,—the name of God—the rod of him who offers up prayers to God—the joined right hand.

There are three persons who have a right to public maintenance—the old—the babe—the foreigner who cannot speak the British tongue.”

The Saxon invaders were the barbarous savages of these lands, not the original free peoples of Britain, whose religion was very similar to the Holy Science of the Heavens, more recently known as Astrotheology, which took for its foundation the fundamental and absolute truth of the Soul’s divine and immortal nature.

When the Saxons settled in Kent upon the invitation of infamous and allegedly incestuous King Vortigern, who was accused of being a usurper of the throne in the writings of St. Glidas, they brought with them barbarism, debauchery and a literal interpretation of the allegories of the Holy Science, which had been used for thousands of years by indigenous elders to convey the science of astrotheology to their students, which happened in every corner of the globe during more enlightened ages of the Grand Cycle of the Precession of the Equinoxes.

The Saturnic/Satanic credo of ignorance was imposed upon the Britons in the name of the Christian Church of Rome, under a Babylonic system of control administered through taxation, the control of information and pseudo-religious inquisition, savagely enforced by the Germanic tribes at the behest of the Holy Roman Emperors, in order to obliterate the inherent spirituality of the millions who fearlessly sacrificed their lives in the name of the unalienable freedom that they knew to be the birthright, whether for the sake of their children, their nation and its future generations, or in the name of the Supreme Being at the centre of the Universe, manifested as matter in the form of Christos or Christ the Sun.

Despite much of what is claimed in the woefully inaccurate Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, the primary evidence suggests that the Saxons would never have conquered these islands by five centuries of pope-sponsored genocide, followed by another thousand years of feudal tyranny, perpetual war and mind-boggling deception, were it not for the celestial phenomenon that was described by those who witnessed it from the shores of Brittany as resembling a fire-breathing red dragon which lit up the skies for eleven days without any night. The brilliant works of Alan Wilson and Baram Blacket, as well as Grant Berkley, have documented almost all of the surviving material evidence that this cosmic catastrophe took place.
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