with holding drivers details

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Re: with holding drivers details

Postby Dreadlock » Tue Jul 16, 2013 1:00 pm

Spot on Rongo apart from a couple of things.

Ceri Louise Hughes is the sole beneficiary for CERI LOUISE HUGHES. "MISS" is another assumption being made.

Ceri Louise Hughes is also the grantor for CERI LOUISE HUGHES and could refuse permission for the use of title, such as MISS, with the trust.

Legal persons are no more obliged to use title than are people.

In this particular case it really is so simple that there is no need for all the trust stuff. The car was effectively stolen and the thief was temporarily insane. The Crown really does seem to be trying it on.
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Re: with holding drivers details

Postby Rongo121 » Tue Jul 16, 2013 9:46 pm

Hi Dreadlock

I agree with you about the use of title, that's why i did'nt use it in the lowercase name.

I was also aware about the lowercase name being the grantor, and it would have been better to say, Ceri Louise Hughes is both the grantor/sole beneficiary for CERI LOUISE HUGHES, if only because of,"he who provides the equity is king".

I do think it's important to ascertain the roles of the parties, even in this case, because if they have you in the role of trustee with no rebuttal, then effectively you have no rights. As i understand it the trustee does what he is told.

They sure do love money don't they(the crown), and we all know what the love of money is, don't we.

Best of luck mate.

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Re: with holding drivers details

Postby teflontone » Thu Jul 25, 2013 3:17 pm

HI john and dreadlock, updates despite written request for the mags name no reply despite aletter saying its with their legal team! so being ignored meanwhile I am on a 2nd final demand! for payment of £700 uuumm whistle dixy on that. Told them the legal team have not answered my questions and not paying anything as I am being ignored I will now ignore them. dvla have asked a 2nd time for the licence or they will suspend it and if stopped by the feds will show no entitlement to drive. They say they will amend the licence when the appeal is successful (never mentioned an appeal, so someones talking)
also threatened the fine will rise to a grand. this is like a game of chess I suppose Unfortunately I can no longer contain my anger over all this, I was advised don't go for a trail by jury as it will make matters worse and will be painted as a scumbag. I know John your a peaceful inhabitant , wish I could find inner peace over this I really want to fuck them all up the corrupt cunts. I cant bring myself to look at anyone who works in the public office and if I speak to them its through gritted teeth, I have never been like this my contempt for them is vile, This case should have never gone this far the cps should have dropped it even the court sent it back to them.
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Re: with holding drivers details

Postby Rongo121 » Thu Jul 25, 2013 9:11 pm

Hi Tony

I don't think ignoring them is a good idea at this stage, they'll just suspend your licence anyway.

I would send their paperwork back, NCRTS along with a notice, and quote Bouviers Law dictionary.

The contract makes the law

"The basic principal is that all mans law is contractual in nature, regardless of the particular classification of the law, and can acquire force only by consent"

Consensus facit legem.

Also make a conditional acceptance, i agree to pay £700 pounds when you can prove that the 1991 Road traffic act is applicable to me, without my consent.

Ask for proof of claim and proof of authority.

Don't forget to mention the 4 things that make a contract lawfully binding, ie. full disclosure,some valuable consideration on both sides, terms and conditions and wet signatures of both parties.

That should put the ball back in their court for a while.

Best of luck mate, and don't let them wear you down.
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