Opinions please to this summons pre-emptive court action

Re: Opinions please to this summons pre-emptive court action

Postby Freeman Stephen » Mon Dec 03, 2012 6:58 pm

Freedom-Project wrote:Some sages in the freeman/sovereign movement state that the only time one should ever go to court, is if the case has already been won. IE Any pending summons should be pre-emptied and dealt with prior to any hearing dates.

It is also recommended that any paperwork that is submitted should be unique, in the writers own words, rather than templated.
Therefore, I have produced a pre-emptive challenge to the validity of demanding that anyone should surrender to a court for a non 'injured party' claim, and would appreciate any comments there-on: -

It has been said that the blessed living soul; known by a 'Certificate of Live Birth' as: *****: ***** *******, born allegedly on the **th ******** 19** must surrender* himself (*to relinquish possession or control of to another because of demand or compulsion) to ***** Mags Court on **th ********** 20** at **:**hrs.

It is the writer's understanding and belief that; 'all men being equal', the only occasions that one blessed living soul should relinquish possession or control of his/her body to that of another because of a demand or compulsion is either to answer to a claim: 1) where there is an injured party, or: 2) to that of thy maker/creator.

As the demand has not been made by the latter, 'Proof of Claim' is required to confirm that there is 'in fact' an injured party, else; with time being of value, a declination to any invitations to attend any fictional administrative hearings is hereby issued.

As I am not an agent of any government/body, nor work as an employee of any government/body, nor claim any benefits/privileges from any government/body, nor have ever voted to be governed by any government/body, nor are a member of any law society, nor a slave, and was born; like any other blessed living soul, a 'sovereign' and 'free' being with inherent & unalienable natural rights, are therefore bound 'only' by the rule of 'Natural Law' and have the right to live in unhindered peace.

Copies to:
Kirklees EFH Mags Court
West Yorkshire Police
Other interested parties and groups

Receiving Stamp and Date:


I like it.
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