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Postby FreemanG » Mon Aug 29, 2011 10:55 am

Here's a hypothetical situation that I need clarity on:

Let say you have gained you Notice of default against your 'lender' (as seems to be quite easily achieved)

However, instead of not paying the premiums on the loan, you carry on paying them, like a good little slave.

In the meantime, you start a claim against the 'lender' for fraudulent practices, no valid contract, non disclosure of T's & C's (whatever really)

Would I be right in thinking that when you enter the court, effectively you 'own' that court. I.e. your claim consists of all you notices and paperwork
statements of fact etc. Therefore
- if you say you are the Admin of a Trust, then you ARE, as no one has rebutted it.
- There is no possibility that the judge did not get you paperwork (as this is the body of the claim against the 'lender').
- The lender cannot claim any charge against your property or counter claim against you, as you are not in arrears

Can anyone see any fatal flaws in this approach?

I suspect the 'lender' would not even bother to attend this court (as they have defaulted already) and you would win by default, then you could enforce the payment owed to you by the 'lender' (principle x3) in the normal way.

I have read about several people walking into bank branches (backed up by the Police) to repossess property to the value of their claim, and are handed a cheque on the spot.

Wishful thinking ...?
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Re: Dean Clifford

Postby FreemanG » Mon Aug 29, 2011 10:50 pm

Although the above post is born out of listening to Dean Clifford for hours along with V's book and others, I feel I may have been guilty of hi-jacking my own thread there in retrospect.

So i'm going to start a separate thread with the above topic as i'm keen to hear if it has legs.

Please shift the above post to somewhere appropriate if you want/can

In the mean you were wanabfree & Dipsy (interesting stuff indeed)
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