human mind

human mind

Postby robandragon » Sat Jun 11, 2011 2:07 pm

I have been watching some films by Adam Curtis, some on the internet and some shown on TV recently. (''All watched over by machines of Loving Grace'' and the ''Power of Nightmares'')

They are a fantastic exposition of the insanity of the human mind, from scientists, to social theorists, religious fundamentalists. Never before does one see the absolute necessity for transcending the mind mechanism.

Awareness, simple awareness, is never recognised. Yet only from awareness can one recognise the pendulum swinging right to left , good to bad. And it is IMPERATIVE that we do, in here and (so-called) out there. Without awareness this is a living lunatic asylum! As awareness, it need not be so; it is a beautiful NOW Universe.
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Re: human mind

Postby algha » Thu Jul 21, 2011 9:58 pm

What is education for in the UK as so many do not so science or maths, why might that be?

Who is pulling the strings, is it politicians, Institutions, Industry or maybe business? Who is running the country? Well its no aliens as in from outer space, but maybe it is alien driven ideology????

We are an incestuous and narcissistic species, as in only interested in ourselves, and so closely related genetically we are all one family, as came for a species on the verge of extinction, hence the small gene pool or so one is informed.

Being aware as you state takes a great deal of knowledge to realise, like waking up one day and everything has changed. You state things go from good to bad, yet again ideas you have learned, as in reality there is neither good or bad, but we need such values for social control. It is good to kill some sections of the population in Libya, and bad to be bombed, so good and bad are subjective???? Maybe??

Beauty is again a subjective thing, and as for the universe, we know so little I suggest you do not speculate on that too much. Being a piece of sand in the middle of the Gobi desert that suddenly becomes aware, and sees that the sand goes on forever, can be deluded into thinking all it sees is the universe, and it seems insignificant surrounded by all that sand, but in relation to the desert, and all the other deserts with all their sand, plus the ocean bottoms where the sand accumulates is still not the picture. One as a piece of sand can but try to comprehend the enormity of the planet it finds itself on, and how rocks become sand, where once it was whole and then in relation as to what is beyond the earth is too staggering to comprehend. So maybe its time to concentrate on your personal environment, and what you come into contact with, and forget about the bigger picture, or not as the case mayvbe?
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Re: human mind

Postby Prajna » Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:03 am

Read this, it may help:

I Am That - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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