Some Info about Notice Of Undestanding

Some Info about Notice Of Undestanding

Postby sandruzzo » Wed May 06, 2009 6:52 am

hi All

I would like ask some questions about Notice Of Understanding.

1)many time in that document we point out that one thing is a statutes and other things is the Law.but How can we define Law?perhaps is it Common Law or Civil Law?or maybe is the Law Of God?I would be specific because I'm going to deal with people that think that statutes/act/code/normative are Law!

2) in one point into that Notice you say: "Whereas it is my understanding that the people in the government are merely playing roles, and",and you use a word "playing",we have many time to translate it in Italian,so do you use "playing" like "playing football" or something else??

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Re: Some Info about Notice Of Undestanding

Postby huntingross » Wed May 06, 2009 11:36 am

Hi Sandruzzo

I have written much on the point of definitions. I have come to the understanding that the principle is wrong for the following reason :

If we define ourselves by "their" definitions, when they re-define those words, they re-define us.

My example being - we say "staute has the force of law, therefore it's not law"....if they re-define "statute is law", then they change our position when we had no intention.

In effect we need to see past definitions.

I take the word "playing" in this context to mean "pretense" "acting".....I took this out of my NOU as I felt it was irrelevant.
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