@tax i put a spanner in there works

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@tax i put a spanner in there works

Postby mickstanley » Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:31 pm

this is how it works
they tax send a demand, claim , a blatant overestimated guess of what they say you owe .... if you dont submit returns .
i made a subject access request asking for all info account personal ect.ect what they held on me ..and accussed them of fraud a few times proof of on there own letterheads sent them the fraud act 2006 to brush up on
.subject access was successful which surprised me as it revealed a little more than they wanted me to know and there only been 270 odd request made
the only evidence they have is of them owing me money ....after me creating a stink in various departments they have offerred that if i fill missing returns in they can establish debt if indeed one exists ........the game continues ill keep post up to date on there next move ..
well thats it in simple terms but im sure you get the idea
point being make good use of subject access request
there demands are merely a claim ask them for proof of claim /contract ect accuse them of fraud there in breech of it straight away
best advice get an accountant whos as bent as them and stay on top of the bastards
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Re: @tax i put a spanner in there works

Postby kliff » Thu Dec 30, 2010 10:58 am

Similar experience here.

Many, many years ago, when I was on the rock 'n' roll, I was offered a job working for a relation doing some odd and sods around their business only working 3 hrs a day to get some extra cash so rather than do it on the QT I declared it at the JC (I did this because I was young and naive in the ways of government back then) anyway, after about 6 months or so they suggested that I went "self-employed" as it would be advantageous to do so (as I said, I was naive in those days) so of course I did so...... Then came the first self-assessment form - after carefully reading through it I ascertained that the ONLY thing that appeared to apply to me was the name and address on the front of the form!

I rang my local Tax office and spoke at length to them, explaining my circumstances and that I was working an average of 3/4 hrs a day, 5, sometimes 6, days a week and earning £3 an hour, with no expenses etc. They asked WHY I had declared that I was self-employed, I explained that I had been "advised" too by the Job Centre - they took the details etc. and I never heard anything, despite, me calling them twice a month for about 6 months that was until the "fine" turned up!

Anyway, long story, short - 2 years later and £2400 worth of fines later and the phone calls started asking why I hadn't a) submitted any returns, and b) why I hadn't paid the fines.

By this time I was wising up to the scam...... so I played the game of "WHY" - every time they asked me a question, I asked them the opposite question .....

It went something like this: (telephone interview - after preliminary "cat & mouse" data protection crap :grin: )

Taxman: Mr ****, why have you not submitted ANY tax returns since you became self-employed?
Me: Because they appear not to apply to me.
Taxman: Oh, and why is that?
Me: You tell me?
Taxman: What do you mean?
Me: What I say, you tell me?
Taxman: Would you please explain?
Me: Yes, if you would like me too?
Me: (explanation of preceding events including the phone calls and letters etc.)
Taxman: Oh! I see, I think I understand what has happened.
Me: Would you then please explain it to me?
Taxman: Well, Mr****, you still owe us the balance of the fine.
Me: Do I, why?
Taxman: Because you have not submitted your returns.
Me: But as I have just explained, I have had neither an explanation as to how or why as they appear not to pertain to me and you said that you thought you understood what had happened; now you’re telling me I have to pay a fine, so what am I paying a fine for?
Taxman: Mr****, as I explained, you haven’t submitted your returns.
Me: I know, and I told you why and you said that you thought you understood why, so would you please explain the situation to me?
Taxman: This is ridiculous!
Me: Is that a question or a statement?
Taxman: I’ll have to get back to you.......... :ouch:

8-9 years later, still waiting...........

How many returns do they send out and make money on playing this game???? :thinks:
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