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Re: Finished my NOUICOR!

Postby Dipsy » Wed May 05, 2010 12:37 am

Well maybe you should send it to the secretary of state to let them know you are LEAVING the UK and re-contract with the foreign office to provide you with the remedy you seek as now you are outside of UK jurisdiction. You still MUST interface with these people by private contracts to provide a LAWFUL EXCUSE. You probably need to contract with the chancellor too as he is your interface as judiciary agent to access your treasury account to pay for damages. Lets say 10 mio trespass and 10 years with big jake.

BTW if you declare a domicile micro-state you MUST make a new land survey declaration to give precise boundaries to prove you are outside of the UK. Simply calling your place Hogwarts wont cut it. It requires boundaries. I think i would do this using GPS lat and log and deeds for land "features". Ask a surveyor to help you but DO NOT use any tools or words or definitions of the defacto statutes in your articles of boundaries declaration. This means existing maps, post codes etc are government property so you can not make reference to any of it. I personally think you can get away with lat and log as it was here long before ordnance survey maps or google earth:)
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Re: Finished my NOUICOR!

Postby MrFreeV » Thu May 06, 2010 11:54 am

I've just finished my NOUICOR and was wondering if anyone had the addresses to send them to? like the home office address for example?

I was thinking of sending one to them and one to the chief of police at my local peace station.

they will be followed up with letters about my car and it's new plates etc. as and when i get round to doing them, afterall it's a bit much to do all in one go! :peace:
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Re: Finished my NOUICOR!

Postby jadedhills » Sat Sep 07, 2013 11:57 am

Hi folks I have a claim of right sent in ages ago to the Home orifice so I thought I would put it on them by asking a freedom of info request about
how many they have received, "They Denied ALL Knowledge of them so I sent a link to this site

Request can be followed here

I said although I have sent one if they deny they received them I would get everyone to send again at least 100 000 of them all recorded delivery a second time so I will see where I get and let you all know

Kindest regards Peter of the family Brewster
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Re: Finished my NOUICOR!

Postby bustachemtrails » Sat Sep 07, 2013 4:51 pm

My advice would be simply to enter into lawful rebellion (as it is your duty according to the constitution to do so) and then serve notices on whosoever you are dealing with in the treasonous system.

By doing this you remove yourself from the regime by the use of constitutional law. It is every sovereigns duty to do this after all and, has been invoked and stands by un-rebutted affidavit/petition to the so called queen to this very day.

I did this myself and went on to de-register my private conveyance ending up with estoppel notices on DVLA. I then served the local chief of police for roads traffic policing in my local area a 'notice of lawful objection'. All of my notices were ignored in 'substance' and I again brought an end to communications by lawful estoppel after a series of notices.

It didn't prevent them stealing my private conveyance (which I retrieved after a lot of corruption and some expence - an unlawful lien etc) or dragging me up in front of the so called court. Once I got out on unconditional bail by claiming that I required leave (under duress) to be able to prepare and then present my defence and, that I had absolute proof that treason is being committed and, that I have lawful excuse with no intention of committing any crime whatsoever (no mens rea) and, that I do not consent nor do they have a lawfully binding contract with me nor do I require their arbitration service, I served the so called court with a notice of non jurisdiction etc....

I eventually (after a series of notices to remain in honour) served the legal representative of the so called court and the clerk with a rather large notice evidencing treason, lawful rebellion and the fact that the crown had no jurisdiction to hear the matter as I claim they are all compounding treason and any judge or magistrate would be acting ultra vires and in a quisling capacity.

They withdrew the arrest warrant as I didn't enter their court of my own volition (ever) as I had no lawful right to even go there, and they continued for a time to send threatening letters in an attempt to get me to pay the fines they imposed on me in my absence, wich I ignored as I had already rebutted their claims.

The police wont even arrest me now even though I recently attempted to report the chief inspector, attorney general (also served with the large notice), legal advisor and clerk of the so called court (corporate trust hearing), for crimes of high treason which I have proof they are committing. The police also wouldn't accept the evidence after making phone calls on the magistrates (so called court) and the chief inspector and, then the stupid sergeant acted on the advice of the very persons I was attempting to report and wouldn't accept the evidence.

Lawful rebellion is a better way in my view if due process is done corresctly. Here is a simple notice as an example to give some validity to my claims:

This is a document that I served on Chippenham Magistrates court (plc) This document was (as the others) un-rebutted and has resulted (so far) in no further action being taken. To; Karin Needham.

The courthouse,
Pewsham way,
SN15 3BF.

Date: 4th December 2012.
Your ref:1000190283/KN

Served by recorded delivery.

Notice of non jurisdiction and opportunity to cure.

Dear Karin Needham,

Re: case number 1000190283.

Thank you for your letter addressed to the legal fiction Mr Robinson in response to the documents I served on you on the 16th of November 2012.

By the un-rebutted evidence already served on Chippenham Magistrates Court, you do NOT have the authority to review the case file and then make demands on myself/legal fiction, or can you or Chippenham Magistrates Court decide whether an arrest warrant be in effect or not. You are Acting ultra vires in a quisling capacity and I demand that you CEASE AND DESIST in this unlawful charade ! I await your FULL response to my previous documents served on you on the 16th Nov 2012.

Whereas I do not consent to your arbitration service nor do you have a lawful binding contract with the legal fiction (Mr Robinson) or myself (the agent), that grants consent to Chippenham magistrates court plc service. What precisely do you not understand within the documentation already served on you on the 16th of November 2012 with regard to my rebuttal of your presumed jurisdiction ?

If you cannot provide me with a properly convened court de-Jure in open forum to arbitrate this matter in a just and fair manner, then DO NOT harass me further or wast my time with unlawful, coercive pressures and claims of jurisdiction when you evidently (by un-rebutted affidavit) have none, whilst continuing to ignore my lawful points in previous notices regarding the matter of jurisdiction. This causes me to suffer a tort. It is to my understanding that it is larceny to ignore the lawful claims I have made by sworn affidavit, you have a duty of care to check the evidence and to respond to the documentation served in full, in accordance with the laws of the land.

WHEREAS YOU HAVE NO CONSENT, CONTRACT NOR JURISDICTION at this time over my legal fiction (or agent thereof), I demand that you pass this case on to a higher jurisdiction, that being referred to in my previous affidavit and notices dated 16th Nov 2012, as our constitutional law FORBIDS me to accept the arbitration and jurisdiction of Chippenham magistrates court and, especially whilst being officially in lawful rebellion. I claim that the corporation you represent (Chippenham Magistrates Court) is at this time, a criminal enterprise operating under treasonous legislation.

If you continue to ignore my evidence and claims previously served and, continue to address your correspondence to the legal fiction, I may ignore your letters/notices with no dishonour on my part. Any response to this notice is required to be made on your full commercial liability and penalty of perjury.

Without vexation, frivolity or ill will and, with all my natural inalienable rights intact, and on my full commercial liability and penalty of perjury.

David : Robinson (family).

Here is a link to the large document that I also served (written slightly differently) to Domic Grieve (attorney General).

I also served an estoppel notice on the attorney general (he acquiesced to all 4 notices) stating that if he acquiesced then it would be taken to mean that Chippenham Magistrates court and Wiltshire police have no claims against me. SO far no further action has been taken, its been over 3 years since I was first arrested.
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