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Postby kenlionheart » Fri Mar 05, 2010 3:55 pm

kenlionheart wrote:HERE'S AN IDEA - it will PISS THEM OFF!!!

We open a new bank - and we do it the RIGHT WAY!

We give out lots of "loans" - but instead of doing the fraud - once we use the customer's signed paper to get credit from the BoE, we then TELL our customers that their loan has been repaid - THERE'S NOTHING MORE TO PAY BACK! ENJOY! :clap:

We only charge one small administration fee!

We'd have millions of customers and this country's population will go debt free within the blink of an eye! (they think they are getting FREE money! :giggle: :grin: )

We will have brought the population out of debt, we will have created MORE money (through the "lending" process) and we will (within a few years) be the biggest bank in the world! :rotfl: :clap:

kenlionheart wrote:When you get a loan... you sign a paper saying "I promise to pay x amount etc..."

Then they give YOU papers saying "I promise to pay" (cash).

All they did is give you promise papers for your promise paper!

It was an "exchange" - not a "loan".

So if we - the "freemen" - can open a bank and do it the RIGHT way - then we would be the nation's favourite humans of all time! :8-):

What do you think?
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