BCs traded between countries?

BCs traded between countries?

Postby blake » Mon Jan 11, 2010 12:07 am

Just found this

A birth certificate is a negotiable instrument, a registered security, a stock certificate evidencing, or representing, the preferred stock of the corporation and against which you
are the surety; it is a pedigree chattel document establishing the existence of your straw man, a distinct artificial person with a fictitious name; it is a document of title to a straw man; it is a warehouse receipt for your body; delivery receipt; industrial bond between you (flesh-and-blood
man or woman) and the industrial society and corporate US & UK (artificial person).
In Canada & UK, the original birth certificate is generally created at the PROVINCIAL level
(in rare instances city level) via birth documents from the hospital (for which the hospital receives £££ from the COUNTY for causing the registration of the birth) and passed to the Government Levels, and likely elsewhere. Per the definition of "birth" above, the document references both the newborn and the straw man. Certified copies of the birth certificate may be obtained at the Vital Statistics Office. Your birth certificate is one of the kinds of security instruments used by the Government to obtain loans from its creditor, under which it is bankrupt.
According to a researcher who worked on a research project for one of the world's largest brokerage houses he discovered that in the year 1936 each birth certificate was assigned a value of £630,000.00. The investigative journalist's report beginning on page xxiii confirms that (new) birth certificates today carry a value of £1,000,000.00 and that upon notification of the receipt of a new birth certificate at the Ministry of Finance, it takes out a loan for $1-million and purchases a bond, then invests the funds in either the stock market or bond market. The collateral for the loan for the bond issued against the birth certificate is you; i.e. your body, labour, and property.A man in Santa Barbara, California who obtained his original birth certificate from the Department of Commerce some years ago via a Freedom of Information Act request reported the endorsements of 17 different foreign countries thereon. There may also be other types of birth documents used by the Government, or others, to obtain loans/credit.

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Re: BCs traded between countries?

Postby musashi » Tue Jan 12, 2010 12:30 am

That's pretty much what's doing the rounds exept for a thing or two. The stock share allegedly issued is not "Preferred". It is "Common Stock" and the common-stock holders pay for the runing costs/expenses of the corporation. Just like any corporation. Preferred shareholders do not. Hence we are taxed. Running costs, you know.

Also the Ministry of Finance. In Britain everyone's got obsessed with the treasury. Me too! But it just occurred to me that it isn't them. In america it's the Dept. of Commerce. Why not the same here. They almost certainly do the same kind of work. It may be there that the info from the registrar goes to set it all up. The treasury may only get involved when we set up our bond and set-off account. Anybody done any work on the 'creative' functions of the treasury, vis a vis securities, as opposed to their just 'holding' securities? Anyone know what their EXACT brief is? I've come to think that they truly are innocent in the matter of creation and peddling of birth bonds.
Also, Thomas,on 21stcenturypolitix. org/com/net? (one of them!) did the Derby Freeman seminar and claimed to have zeroed out his 15K student loan after having completed the Redemption process. He, Mike and Ahmed, did another seminar in Nottigham a short time ago. They appear to have sorted it all out. Mike runs the FREEMAN ZEITGEIST website.
It's still fucked, isn't it?
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Re: BCs traded between countries?

Postby eureka » Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:35 pm

I called my registrar of births and deaths etc today and she told me there is no registered number indicating a security on the document, that it is an original doc when they print it off....can anyone tell me where to get the copy with the security no...? And why aren't there more people coming forward to say they have seen the reg security no ....Very few seem to have seen it.....I'd love to see it myself...any suggestions?
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