How Many lightbulbs ?.....

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Re: How Many lightbulbs ?.....

Postby kevin » Sun May 17, 2009 10:18 pm

IamallthatIam wrote:All the MP's I know are about as bright as a 5 watt bulb !!

that can't possibly be right, they seem to cost a lot more to run :grr:

Re: How Many lightbulbs ?.....

Postby 1965freeman » Sun Jun 14, 2009 10:23 am

If asked this question by anybody in the law society, I would suggest the following question in reply:

"Before attempting to answer your question Sir, I would like to ask you for a clearer definition of the words you use in that question.
"How many light bulbs...."
In my opinion, Daffodil bulbs could not reasonably be described as 'heavy' but there are many other bulbs which are LIGHTER - for example crocus bulbs. We have, of course, already made the assumption that the entity attempting to do the 'changing' is a human being. To a daddy-long-legs even a snowdrop bulb could be considered an impossibly heavy load.
As Black's Law Dictionary appears to have no definition of the word 'bulb' then I fear any answer I may give would be based purely on my understandings of the words you have used in your question. Perhaps you would like a short reccess in order to discuss with your colleagues before representing the question in a clearer form?"
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