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Wisdom of the Idiots: Part 35; The In-betweeners

PostPosted: Sun Oct 15, 2017 5:46 pm
by musashi
Wisdom of the Idiots: Part 35; The In-betweeners

“Hello there! I see you’ve just arrived. Oops, you’re still a bit wobbly on the old undercarriage – let me help you. There. That’s better, eh?”
“Oh, bugger. Not again!”
“Ah, we’ve been getting around, have we? Yes, I can see that now. I recognise the signs.”
“This is the third time I’ve . . . “
“No contract, eh? Never mind, you’re here now and you never know how your review will go.”
“Here? Review?”
“Of course a review. There’s no appeals process, you see, so we always go for a review.”
“This is all just too confusing. I’m not even sure what . . . ”
“You are one of the no contract cases, aren’t you?”
“It seems that way although I’m still very confused about . . . well . . . everything really.”
“Well, don’t you worry - that’s why I’m here. To help settle matters. This is a clear case of failure of full disclosure and we’ll base the review on that. Any other ideas spring to mind?”
“Look, I told you – I’m completely confused and I haven’t the slightest . . .
“No? Okay, we’ll go with failure of full disclosure. What about counter-claim? Given that any thought? No? I see. Well, you just wait here and I’ll get along and make a start on the paperwork”
“Will this take long?”
“Hard to say, really. There’s an awful lot of no contract reviews going on and we’re all really quite busy but I’ll speak to Mr. McKenzie and see if he’ll help. I’m Bart, by the way, and you might enjoy reading some of my poetry while you wait. It’s all about hope and promise. I’m told it’s very uplifting. I’m especially proud of the bit about being brave and patient on a bed of sorrow.”
“So I just wait here for a while, then?”
“You don’t fancy the poetry?”
“That’s it? I just sit and wait – and read poetry?”
“Cheer up. It won’t be forever.”