Do you trust, Dreadlock?

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Do you trust, Dreadlock?

Postby iamani » Thu May 25, 2017 10:12 pm

Hi dreadlock

Well Dreadlock - do you trust? Of course you do! You were born into several trusts and have been swimming in them - figuratively speaking - ever since. i must admit i was getting a little bored/frustrated with our discussion but you just made it fun again.

Please note, i have neither insulted nor attacked your character - studiously so. i do but offer observation in analogy and express wonder at that which appears to be.

Now i will deal with your questions (and pose one or two of my own). Maybe I will enjoy answering them as much as you did posing them.

Yes. i believe every time a V5 is completed in the proscribed manner a new Trust is construed.

So, um..... you also have knowledge of a much better alternative to trusts - a subject we have discussed more than once - but decided not to share? Reminds me of the time you withheld your knowledge of de-regging. Tell me Dreadlock - are you familiar with the term 'gatekeeper' at all?

Please be advised that i am less than convinced that you are qualified to judge my answers with anything more than opinion. We shall see.

1a) Same as any other trust - to protect assets from interested third-parties while enjoying usage and usufruct of the res.

b) Specifically? Who knows? i suspect it to be the Crown in one form or another.

c) The res is (i believe) initially the credit (or possibly debit!) value of the birth certificate bond.

d) i believe the bond is backed by the Vatican.

e)+f) i believe the Vatican to be the Grantor/Settlor, the Crown to be the Trustee, with john-james as Beneficiary.

g) The nature of the attachment is akin to that which exists between him and his shadow. He carries it around hardly noticing it's presence most of the time. He employs both in ignorance. He appreciates the wonder of neither. He will find it almost impossible to permanently rid himself of either without taking up solitary residence in an un-lit cave. And they both attached to him without his request, consent or knowledge.

h) Everything the child does and will ever do.

2a) Policeman, fireman, doctor, nurse, judge - these are titles/offices, they are fictional, they are 'dead' and so can be rightly termed as 'things'. A man cannot rightly/legally be termed as a thing as he can demonstrate conscious volition - like he does when playing tennis or football.

b) It is impossible for a man to 'be' ANY title or office. He can assume the role and act as such, and accept any label as such, but that doesn't make him a fiction, a 'thing'.

c) That depends on what you mean by 'you' as i am not a 'you'. i am an i (o.t.C.).
If you are referring to john-james then as he replies ' yes i am' when asked if he 'is' the fictional name he abandons his beneficial position to assume the role of Mr Doe, trustee (and surety!) to the JOHN JAMES DOE Estate.

d) All the roles are played out. In this instance i believe the judge to be the Executor (albeit 'du son tort') and the Crown (via agency of the prosecutor or clerk) to be the beneficiary.

3a) If you are awake it usually means 'bitch'. Not the answer you expected? This is a question that has so far eluded a definite answer (as far as i know - unless you'd like the O.E.D. definition?). For the purpose of the CQV trust i believe Mr is short for 'Mystery'. Only when the human can demonstrate a mastery of the 'Mystery' can he be termed as 'Master'.

b) There's probably lots of different kinds. i can think of private person, public person and natural persons. A corporation can also be seen as a person.

4a) Do you have any proof that it isn't?

b) i did not say nor do i believe a trust has a captain, and as such i have not had cause to seek such proof. So no.

5a) Like everybody else i was contracted into bondage by my parent's signature of the Birth Registry.

b) i don't, but i know i am seen, labelled and treated as such by legislation and its advocates. i also know that my status won't change until i change it via full understanding of my rights, responsibilities and potential.

6a) Nope. Would you like to tell me? (and what happened to 6b ?)

So - do you claim to 'know' the answers to all of these questions Dreadlock? i know you wouldn't lie to me, seeing as how you posted this:
"i post to help others and to hopefully learn myself. i also enjoy exposing liars who otherwise would get away with it"

Sentiments i agree with - but do you, really? After all,,withholding knowledge (at least twice - verifiably) doesn't seem helpful does it? So was that a lie or is it just missing a qualifying statement? As for exposing liars, well, allow me to draw your attention to this:

iamani, 20/5, 3.17pm: i call you out on withholding knowledge re: de-regging.

Dreadlock, 21/5, 8.38am: " i've withheld nothing. Read my very first post on this forum..."

iamani, 21/5, 1.49pm: i tell you i've looked - no mention of de-regging there...

Dreadlock, 21/5, 8.58pm: "...My first posts did not mention de-registration but....".

All on the same page. Do you think that this might - to the layman - look like you got caught out in a lie? Do you think you should expose yourself as a liar to prevent you from getting away with it? Or is it perhaps just .... a mistake? Ponder that, if you will.

Now, i don't think you lied any more than i think you're a paid gatekeeper, but they do say 'the proof of the pudding etc' so i'm gonna knock on the gate and see what happens. As my nasal needs are already well catered to i would like to ask:

Why did you involve, and what did you achieve in doing so, the Dept.of Transport in your de-reg?

What is your 'much better alternative' to trusts?

This was tiring but still fun.... i look forward to your exposing the flaws.

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Re: Do you trust, Dreadlock?

Postby iamani » Mon May 29, 2017 2:21 pm


Trust law is everywhere. Could we even have a community never mind a civilisation without it?

Without trust there could be no:


law is all is love is all is law
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