Wisdom of the Idiots; part 21

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Wisdom of the Idiots; part 21

Postby musashi » Mon Oct 10, 2016 5:03 pm

Wisdom of the Idiots; part 21: Why We Might Need Psychopaths

I say that not just because I'm half a psychopath myself but because I can make a case for it.

Me? I'm what I call a voluntary schizophrenic – a Self Induced Multiple Personality Order. It's terrific fun, usually, and I'm very happy with my half of the psychopath. He looks after me. He tells me when things are not right, does the Devil's Arithmetic and supplies me with just the right responses. Not that I'm always happy with just the right responses – well, we don't have to like the truth, do we? It's not like we're obliged or anything. I mean, truth can be one ugly fucking bitch with a really bad case of nasty fanny - and she's gonna fuck with you.

The Devil's Arithmetic? Oh yes, indeedy. His numbers are as ugly as sin but they never lie.
He handed me his latest calculations over brekky this morning. Europe is fucked, he wrote.
I checked his figures. Yep. Fucked.
I checked the factors in his equation in case he'd constructed it wrongly and had a false solution.
Nope. It's all there. Damn.
Now we need psychopaths but, as handy as they are in a tight corner, they're damned hard to get rid of once the job's done. It's hard because they're the only ones that can make the hard decisions that get rid of people like themselves and they never decide to get rid of themselves. They're the only ones capable of genocide. Well, that's what the numbers say. Genocide. Their's or ours.

In fifty years, just by the reproduction rates alone of those immigrants already present and the declining European birth rates (a six to one and ever-expanding ratio) the white race in Europe will be a small, oppressed and insignificant minority under Islam. The studies have been done and are readily and easily available to any who care to look.

We are now on the gentle, first slopes of genocide and the right wing nationalists of Europe are rising. We are in the early days of the final conflict between Socialist Political Correctness (pro-immigration Caucasian genocide) and Right Wing Nationalist (anti-immigration Caucasian survivalism).

However it has all come to this is now irrelevant – just like the peaceful majority. Irrelevant. What matters is what is done about it. Alas, this brings us back to our Devil's Arithmetic, psychopaths, hard decisions and genocide. It may well be that we need psychopaths. Well, I don't see baby Jesus helping out here. Damn. If only those heavyweight German philosophers really had killed God!

In Wisdom of the Idiots; part 22; we look for proof of Life in IKEA; we go undercover to expose an illegal Fanny Wrestling Club in Bournemouth; we talk to the new CEO of Kidnappers-Are-U.S. with a pull-out-and-keep section on How to Identify Crime Families in Modern Politics; we bring the latest update on the astonishing success of the Guns For Africa Charity, and we finally explain why we couldn't be bothered with our proposed article on Apathy in the 21st Century.
It's still fucked, isn't it?
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