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Postby grndslm » Sun Feb 13, 2011 10:37 pm

Recently, was taken down by "The Man", using a DDoS attack. The owner of the forum is nowhere to be found and the information is, at minimum, temporarily lost.

Before the host took is down for good, the attack let up enough for me to warn a few others I had an alternate site --

Maybe you guys could bookmark it in case The Man comes attacking your site, and you need an backup form of communication??

We are geared toward Law & Economics on American soil, but as most of you know, these concepts are mostly universal... so ALL are welcome.

You should be able to search just about any forum that you find a "grndslm" on, and I should have linked in my signature, so you'll know it's not like I just created this name and forum to steal information on users. As I mention in the terms & conditions on my forum, no information is collected, and never would I turn that information over to anybody even if it was collected.

Now for the shameless plug...

Learn how to truly exercise your freedoms at...!

Common Law -vs- Statutes
Rights -vs- Privileges
Debt relief
Lawful Notices
Court process
Constitutional oaths
Who has the supreme power in a Constitutional Republic?
State Citizens -vs- U.S. Citizens
Are you a National? .. or an employee of THE UNITED STATES?
Do you need to have a legal name?
Do you need to have a SSN?
Do you need to carry Identification?
Don't you already have the Common Law "right" to travel, so why turn that right into a privilege by asking for a license?
Does the government issue licenses for unlawful activities?
Why would you register your automobile if you're not "in commerce"?
Do you truly own your property? Or did you register it?
Do you know what "to register", "to apply", and "to submit" actually mean??
Isn't "the Law" actually found in the Bible? ("love the Lord God & love your neighbor as yourself")
If a Statute is a rule of society, are you obliged to remain in a society?
Are there words lawyers use that confuse you or don't jive with common English?
Do you have the right to possess military weapons, or drugs, even?
(HINT: Your rights extend to where another man's nose begins.)
Does "the government" have authority over you, without your consent?
Does "the government" have its constituents' best interests in mind, or are they just trying to make a buck?

Learn the Truth at...!

Ask a question there and you're guaranteed to find an answer in no time.

Or if you have no questions, just browse the forum. The "Service Providers" sub-forum is my personal favorite for right now. If you want to take the Red Pill, then stop here first.

Think Free! -- A Forum for Freemen who understand the actual "Systems" of Law & Economics
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