Saturday 27th June, 2009

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Saturday 27th June, 2009

Postby Veronica » Sat Jun 27, 2009 12:07 pm

I've been a bit quiet lately. There are a number of reasons for this. Mainly because I've been busy. Busy trying to prepare my book for publication n print.

(As I said somewhere else … it's like trying to pass an enormous great turd. I wish David-Vaughan: of the Icke family, and John: of the Harris family all the very best in their endeavours)

Anyway, since everything in this "Veronica's Blog" Forum has long since been moved to "Frequently Answered Questions", I have decided to try to turn this Forum into some kind of Blog … in order to keep everyone posted, and as up-to-date as possible.

So here goes.

1. My book

Is progressing, slowly but surely. Far too slowly for my liking, but that's normal. The problem is "getting it right" as it goes into print. I don't want speeling mistackes to be printed. There is also the "formatting" considerations … which are so much tighter than the WebPages I'm used to. I've been criticised up hill & down dale about the "grammar". I care not one shit about that. All I care about is that the message comes across.

One of the main bugbears has been the book cover. Give me a blank page & I'll write an essay. Give me a blank sheet of paper and tell me to draw a picture, and it will still be blank in a week's time. I positively HATE graphics & pictures. Personally I'd prefer a thousands words to a picture, any day.

The other main bugbear is … however much I read & re-read what I've written … I just CANNOT see the typos & various mistakes on the Computer Screen. Until I get a printed copy. THEN THEY LEAP OUT AT ME! Positively hit me right between the eyes. Why, Oh why, can't I see these … even on a zoomed up Computer Screen?

So, I have to order a printed copy each time. And this takes 3, 4, 5 days to arrive. I shouldn't complain, the turn-around is very fast (in point of fact), but it is SOOOOO frustrating to wait for a new copy … KNOWING FULL WELL I'LL FIND THE MISTAKES HITTING ME RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES!

I keep promising people a copy. It's almost there … almost there … and I am positively DESPERATE to get it out … because it answers so many questions.

Yes … like passing an enormous great turd.

2. Went to see Lloyd Pye

Last Thursday evening. In Nottingham. Hi to everyone I met there! I really enjoyed it, and it was good to meet so many from FMOTL. You are stars!

It was good to actually meet Lloyd, after all this time. As I told everyone beforehand, he is a Southern Gentleman of the highest calibre. Such a nice guy.

I managed to get home at 3:00am, and crawled into bed. That's another reason I've been quiet in the last few days. I didn't get up until half-past Friday.

I met Richard: of the Harrison family. And we had a long chat. I guess he will, if he hasn't already, tell you about his plans. They mature today (Saturday). I don't want to say too much, because I don't know how much he's made public. Anyway, just to say, we need to support his efforts to the hilt. And that means sending in as many Notices to the DVLA as possible.

My own effort is here. As with everything else I've let it slide. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO STOP ANYONE FROM AT LEAST GOING THAT FAR. If your car is taxed & insured & MOT'd (etc.) then nothing changes by sending that Notice. But the more letters like that the DVLA get, the better.

I recently received a response. Two, to be precise. Two brown envelopes marked "Return to SA31 2ET" if not delivered. (Nothing else to indicate from the DVLA).

In one it told me I need to do a "Name of Change Deed", plus a booklet of supportive "statutory" bollox. In the other they sent back the V5C, still in the Legal Fiction Name "MISS VERONICA CHAPMAN".

So they will be getting this whole lot back as soon as I have the time.

Richard suggested writing "CANCELLED" across the V5 (which he did), and Moderator Free suggested the same thing. In both cases the V5s didn't bounce back.

Free said he also sent them the old plates, saying "This is the bit you own … I own all the rest". Excellent idea … if the conveyance is 'disposable' (as it was in Free's case). We should do this on old bangers, we don't care about. That's the technique to use.

3. My PCN

Received back a non-committal "interim" response informing me that my "statutory rights" aka "revocable privileges" are not affected by the delay in investigating the case and in responding. Phew! That's a relief! Mind you, it's only my Inalienable Natural Rights I'm actually worried about but … hey ho!

4. Justin: of the Walker family & David-Vaughan: of the Icke family

I had a long chat with Justin last night. Apparently David wants to devote a section of his latest book to LR. And is particularly interested in including as much stuff as possible about children (I'm sure we all know what that means!). So he's talking very closely with Brian Gerrish, who has amassed, and is still amassing, volumes on this issue ... including all the Satanism. It seems as though the Satanism has been a bit of an eye-opener for Brian but, bless his cotton socks, if the evidence is undeniable (as most here know it is), then Brian is not shrinking from it. (You have to remember that Brian openly challenged Common Purpose to a debate on Edge Media TV ... and not a peep has been heard from them).

Justin himself is in the process of converting his massive essay about LR into 5 pages or so, with the idea of targeting all of those groups with some kind of axe to grind (which is, basically, everybody). He read out a list of disaffected groups to me. I thought he was never going to stop, bless him!

Apparently David is quite happy to have all of this stuff posted in his Website … including my book, and Andrew Johnson's book about 9/11. (I met Andrew for the first time at Lloyd Pye … Andrew was the Nottingham organiser. I've cyber-known Andrew for about 5 years. I was the one who got Andrew into "No-Planes", and into close contract with Morgan Reynolds & Judy Wood, in the first place)

Well … that'll do for now. (I don't know how long I will keep this up)
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