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Re: Renewable Energies

Postby markie b » Fri May 22, 2009 3:03 pm

if you wish to make a simple 16db directional antenna then heres a link i done on another site for a cheap easy directional 16db antenna

well pretty much says it in the title seen another vid that might interest some of the people on here so figured id share the love a little grin.gif and save people some serious money as this would cost about 5-10 pound to make but around 100 pounds to buy

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Re: Renewable Energies

Postby gepisar » Fri Aug 28, 2009 10:20 pm

Wow! Got to challenge you on these points:

Veronica wrote:
Sort of. The problem with Wind Turbines (as such) is that:

1. They are an eyesore.

Well maybe, BUT they can be taken down, and their footprint is about 20feet sq of concrete, which can be removed and turfed over easily. Compared to a nuclear power plant there's no contest.

2. They throw out cancer-producing electro-magnetic radiation.

electro-magnetic radiation is pervasive. Its everywhere. Even your own body outputs it. Your T.V if you have one, will most likely put out more radiation that one of the largest wind turbines.

3. They produce environmental noise which dulls the senses and induces a hypnotic effect.

Environmental noise? What's that then? I live 2 miles away from 100ft wind turbines. Ive stood right under them, and even then you can barely hear the thing. The rustling of trees on a windy day is louder, I promise. I tell you what - the bloody Seagulls in Brighton make more noise than the whole wind farm. The wind farm doesn't wake me up at 5am.
4. They create a visual hypnotic effect ... not least of which by their rotating blades & corresponding shadows.

C'mon! DONT LOOK at them then! We could increase the chem-trail experiment to create a constantly overcast sky to cut out the shadows?!?! Besides, being hypnotised is a wonderful state!

If I could, Id have one right in my back yard...

I believe these are common arguments put forward by the media, originating from pro-nuclear sources. Aesthetics is subjective. I happen to agree, they're not the prettiest things to look at and the Scottish Highlands will certainly be different with them. But the other points are just wrong.
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