garbage warrior the movie

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garbage warrior the movie

Postby markie b » Thu Jun 11, 2009 9:20 am

ok this guy is a star in my eyes its the sort of thing i would like to build if i had the equipment but i dont so can only roughly go by some of the ideas he has done

you may need a codex like k-lite or divx but if you already have this stuff then select a working link and have a watch he builds with tin cans,tyres,plastic bottles,glass jars,wine bottles and makes a totally self sufficient off grid self heated self food sufficent housing basically he has an idea for everything.
ive figured out the water system pretty much apart from using whats called black water to flush a toilet system after watering the plants :thinks: pretty sure it would just be done by trickle feed off from like a tap system and the pressure would push it up to a systern but anyways heres the link have a watch
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