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UFOPolitics - Asymmetric Motor

PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2014 8:09 pm
by huntingross
Just to help those interested in this topic that this is the real deal...I've built one myself in a few days to prove concept and it works. My tests aren't complete but the only tools I used was a screwdriver and a soldering iron.

I'm not sure that UFO has made over unity claims himself (others have) but his focus doesn't appear to be there. He is giving vital important information to the community to replicate and prove for themselves.

My journey on the forum starts here -

Check his youtube videos on the Bosch 750w motor parts 1 and 2 with a standalone 3rd where he grinds a stick down to demonstrate the torque.

Check also the dual penta motor video where he drills a 50mm block of wood with a 2mm drill bit directly off a motor, no gearing...try and do that with a conventional motor of that size and it will stall.

Happy Hunting