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I myself have not come across these until now, it is another interesting path :thinks:
What are concordats? Concordats are international treaties with the Vatican that may range from granting little more than diplomatic recognition to a legally binding commitment to observe key aspects of Vatican doctrine and to subsidise it in various ways. There has been much criticism of concordats.

This site is about temporal power. Religious doctrines only come into it if and when it is the state which tries to get people to obey them. Thus Concordat Watch includes material on church-state separation, that is to say, on political, but not religious secularism.

Concordats help enforce Canon Law, the Vatican version of Sharia

Under Canon Law wife beating is no ground for divorce — in fact, nothing is. Therefore if you've been married in a Catholic Church, which means under Canon Law, you may find that a concordat has deprived you of your right to a civil divorce. The Dominican concordat (1954, Article 15.2) says explicitly that people married in a Catholic church, and therefore under Canon Law, may never file for a divorce. So, too, did the Portuguese concordat concluded with Salazar (1940, Article 24). At least in those countries divorce remained legal, even if one had to leave the Church to get one. However, divorce was impossible under both the Italian concordat with Mussolini (1929, Art. 34) and the Spanish one with Franco, (1953, Art. 23-25). It is still impossible in Malta, and the 1993 Marriage Concordat ensures that it will remain so.

In a separate development the Pope issued a decree in December 2009 which could serve to tighten up concordat marriage by eliminating a loophole used by those who had left the Church in order to get a civil divorce. This had freed Catholics who had “formally defected” from the Church from its regulations, that is, from Canon Law. “This [meant] that a defecting Catholic could validly be married in a civil ceremony, for example, without a dispensation.” Now, however, that clause, and with it, the possibility of formal “defection” from the faith has been eliminated: “All Catholics are bound by canonical form in marrying, period.” Including those who consider themselves ex-Catholics. Countries whose marriage laws closely mirror Canon Law will now be under pressure to conform to this decree and prevent even ex-Catholics from ever getting a divorce.

Other concordat clauses enforce Canon Law on the employees of Church-run institutions, even though these are funded by the state. For example, the concordat with Hitler (1933, Article 24) is used to this day to fire teachers in Catholic schools if they remarry after a civil divorce or even if they marry a divorced person.

And the social influence of concordats doesn't end with the intimidation of Church employees. Through employees in Church-run hospitals, concordats can be used to enforce Canon Law on the general public. The Slovak “conscience concordat” would have prevented doctors in Church-run hospitals from performing abortions or nurses from giving out information about family planning, since it gave them the “right” to claim that this went against their religious conscience. And, of course, if they didn't exercise this “right” to impose Canon Law on others, they'd lose their jobs. In a rural area where the only hospital may be Church-run, this can effectively limit access to what are in Slovakia perfectly legal services.

At this point legal experts appointed by the European Union put their foot down. They stated firmly that denying access to such services, Canon Law or no Canon Law, was a violation of international Human Rights.
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Researchers have discovered that at least 73 nations have signed secret treaties or Concordats with the Vatican, many of them since 1982, which channel untold billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money into church coffers. These countries include Canada, the United States, England, Ireland, virtually all European countries, and most of the third world.

Under the concordats, a regular percentage of national revenue – anywhere from two to five percent – is given to the Vatican either directly or in the form of subsidies to church-controlled businesses or “charitable”societies. In 2010 alone, Spain granted 262 million Euros to the Vatican – or over $350 million – under its concordat, which also entitles the catholic church to help formulate laws and control education.

“The figure is enormous” commented Hugo Barrero, an Argentinian who has studied the concordats.

“So much money is pouring into Rome through these agreements that the Vatican bank has a special financial officer just to handle the concordat money. But like the Bank itself, most of these agreements are secret and can’t be modified or even reviewed by elected officials of that country.”

The estimated cash assets each year from catholic church collections alone exceeds $50 billion, according to Barrero, and it’s all tax free.

“Even the costs of construction and maintenance on catholic church buildings can’t be taxed. Somebody has called the church an unregulated on-shore tax haven subsidized by taxpayers to pursue the supernatural. But in many cases, it’s actually pursuing child trafficking and rape.”

Requests to government officials or Members of Parliament or Congress in the United States, Canada, Ireland and England for copies of the respective nation’s concordats with the Vatican have repeatedly gone unanswered.

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Re: Concordats

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I always knew they were theiving bastards! All that concordat cash and the cheeky fuckers want 'donations' too?
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Interesting stuff on the Holy See by Holy Vehm
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