Council Tax Baliffs

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Council Tax Baliffs

Postby pinoy » Fri Jan 29, 2010 2:26 am

Unsure which section to post this so I have put it here and in the help wanted forum:

I am completely new to this and am looking for some advice regarding my council tax.

I have read up various info on statute and common law etc. Whilst I understand the concepts, I am still unsure about a lot of things.

The situation is:

Moved into a rented property in May 2009 with my partner.

I am unemployed and have been since I moved in. My partner is a full time student, but gets paid for doing her course.

I am not eligible for job seekers allowance, council tax benefit or any other benefit, purely because my partner gets a small income of around 600 per month. Even though our rent on it's own is more than that. But it's all done on a computer system and according to the system, I'm not eligible for anything.

Anyway, since May, because my partner is a student, I get classed as a single occupant for the purposes of council tax and hence get a discount.

But they still expect me to pay it despite the fact I have 0 income, my partner is a student and our household income doesn't cover the rent nevermind anything else.

Obviously I haven't paid any council tax since May purely because I haven't been able to afford it.

I received monthly statements from the council to begin with, then after a couple of months when I hadn't paid, they sent me a statement for an entire year of council tax, payable immediately.

In october, they sent me a court summons, the one where they have a hearing to get a judgement as to my liability to pay the council tax, which didn't require me to attend unless I wanted to dispute my liability. Which of course I couldn't as I have been living here since May.

Spoke to them on the phone briefly at this time explaining my situation, they put my file on hold for a month to give me chance to try and set up a repayment plan.

Heard nothing for 2 or 3months.

Today they have sent me another letter, saying that I have failed to setup a repayment plan and they have passed my debt onto a debt collection agency. It details information about going to court, having property removed from my premesis etc etc the usual

Now, I am used to dealing with DCA's because I have been unemployed for a while I have played letter tennis with many of them. Most of which are a bunch of useless monkeys who won't ever take any action against me.

I am however a bit more concerned about this council tax debt collector. Because it is the goverment I owe money to, they have a judgement against me already for liability to pay it and I have heard council tax debt collectors are much more efficient, don't stop at anything and have no problem taking you to court or removing property from your premesis fairly swiftly.

What do I do?

There is no way I can pay anything towards the council tax, I am unemployed and in receipt of 0 benefits.

I obviously want to avoid any action being taken against me, going to court, having baliffs come round ,etc.

What is the best course of action?

I have looked in the Council Tax section of this forum, but all of the cases in there I cannot really understand and somewhat confuse me as they are all letter written in common law etc. Which I have no knowledge of really. Does common law really work? Reading one of the letter templates from the point of view of someone who has never seen one before, it just looks like the type of thing someone would just laugh at if you actually sent it to them. I once tried sending a basic template of common law to a DCA and they simply replied with, your letter has baffled our legal department, they cannot understand it and the parts they can understand are applicable under US law not UK law.

Sorry for the long post

Any advice much appreciated
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