Defunding the Traitors

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Defunding the Traitors

Postby Freeman Stephen » Sun Aug 01, 2021 10:17 pm

They want to enslave us under a system which we have no ability to hold to account despite it pretends itself to be a democracy to all the children it intends to use as free energy devices tommorrow. While doing so, the system has accrued enormous debts to the people it exploits, only some of which can be counted in a loss of earnings. Bizarrely, they expect the people they exploit to keep funding them by way of working for what is literally free to a system that can print money out of thin air yet demand that people pay them in money they can only acquire by working for free for those who enslave them.

I worked out the earnings I could have made if I hadnt been so busy educating myself and trying to get into a position where I would have been believed in predicting that the world the enslavers were attempting to bring about is this aftermath of a nightmare the easily bribed and blackmailed express to be such a wonderful utopia as though David Icke et al weren't right all along.

My method of dealing with them isnt so much being a paper terrorist as some would describe it but making it very clear who owes who what then using their own attempts to fuck me over in order that they will in so doing fuck themselves over, leaving me in moderately more liberty than they would have it where I would be working myself into starvation praising the dictatorial regime as my hero.

Whats included here is an unredacted letter Ive sent to a government agency seeking that I fulfil legal obligations to those who have not fulfilled theirs. Its password protected and put here just so it can be pulled from the record when its required but in summary, what it does is draws a bill of exchange for payment by those who violated the sovereignty and places all departments who cannot fulfil three basic criteria into a debt worth over a million pound at present. The money is actually calculated in gold rather than fiat currency so they cant just fiddle the books like the whole fiat currency thing is designed for.

So suppose they want a hundred pounds from you? Well agree that you will pay what you owe if thats what you owe and part and parcel of this is that they will pay what they owe if thats what they owe. You provide basic criteria that anyone acting within the law would be able to fulfil easily (although we know they are guilty of the highest crimes and cannot or will not fulfil them). On the basis that they are breaking the law by the conclusion that can be drawn from not being able to fulfil basic criteria like "Its against the law to aid parties attempting to subjugate the sovereignty of the United Kingdom", "The United Kingdom has been subjugated by laws made outside of he majesties dominion in the UK" ... if they cant tick those boxes acknowleding basic facts, they are presumably guilty of treason and the penalties imposed on your life by their activities results in losses they are liable to compensate you for. Many of these losses cannot be written down in sums of money but some of them can be.

Get a figure of what you could have been worth if it wasnt for the eurotyranny that began its organised crime racket in April 1993 (officially from Novermber 1993) and add all that up. Start an account for the agency concerned stating that they are severally liable with the other treasonous departments for these losses and that you are ready to accept payment for the debt they continue to accrue today (or at some date). I am giving them a statetment of money due on the 23rd of June each year and if they pay everything due then their account will be settiled until the 1st November oif that year while they remain severally liable in not fulfilling their obligations which are part in parcel of it not just being a slave racket vto be governed by people who have no obligations to the people they govern,

All in all, the amount owed can include all kinds of things, but Im limiting my claim to loss of earnings. If they get sticky Ill add a despair fees and all kinds of things but the long and the short of it is, they are here presented with a bill and a means of paying that bill or redressing the issues they and those they are severally liable with have created. If they send me a bill and its something I genuinely owe a statea agency of a foreign power unlawfully acting as a legitimate authority in the UK, in the highly unlikely event I would willingly have any business with them, I would just give them a reduction in the money they owe me.

The following is a PDF containing my first correspondence to them, with a bill of exchange annexed to it, where I am the drawer, my bank account is the payee, and they, the severally liable government agency is the drawee and presumably the payer of the debt they owe me (and of course our society).

Some will say "but this will do no good". If I get the money, Ill be a millionaire (and I would have been anyway, if I wasnt so busy insisting on a just world), but if I dont get the money, bearing in mind they refuse to take it to a court and cant get me to sign their bill, then we are now in a game of judo. Whatever they do in regards to the bill they claim I must accept, likewise the bill I claim they must accept. With the exception of lunatics in power committing mass genocide (and I wouldnt put it past them) I can hold them off forever because they have very seriously broken the law from the get go and they now demand I obey those who continue to hold this nation in servitude.

My letter is here as a matter of sealed record.

Letter to HMRC.pdf

:giggle: Im doing my utmost to help them pay what they owe :giggle:
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