The Trouble With Distilled Water

The Trouble With Distilled Water

Postby musashi » Sat Aug 03, 2013 2:43 pm

The trouble with distilled water is that it pulls out all non organic minerals from the body.
They do not like that. They are busy loading the food, water and air with these materials. They go to a lot of effort and expense to make sure we have a sufficiency of these poisons in our sysytems at all times.
Alas, distilled water confounds their every effort.
The half truth controlled oppposition tell us the half lie that distilled water removes the mineral content of water. Half true, because it only removes the non organics they give us. If you want to re-mineralise – in their terms – simply put a pinch of your garden soil in the wate, a bit if dust from the quarry and, hey presto, re-mineralisation!
Organic minerals are the same polarity as distilled water so they cannot attach to the distilled water.
Non organic minerals are oppositely charged and will magnetically attach to the water. In this way they are flushed from the body. Distilled water can hold as many as five molucules of non organic minerals such as fluoride, copper sulphate, chlorine, and the rest of the stuff in there.
An efficient distiller can be had for only £150. Distilled water cannot remove organic minerals. You may be astonished what a couple of weeks on the good stuff will do for you.

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