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Emotional Freedom Technique

PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2013 11:34 am
by musashi
EFT is fast and effective. Immediate results are to be had with this technique. It takes only a few minutes to learn and, as I can verify, it is a powerful remedy for physical pain, emotional distress and psychological issues.
Paula, from the “Forces for their Future” veterans’ charity loaned me her copy of the book and, sceptical though I was about such claims as were made for it (the technique) I gave it a try.

I found it too powerful, at first, and had to retreat from it. I went in too deep too quick and had to pull back. I went through some more of the book, re-read this and that and then went back again to trying the technique for minor things such as an ache behind my left eye. I had instant pain relief and, when the small aching pain shifted to my right eye I did the technique again and, again, had instant relief.
On the psychological side I found it to be very powerful as well as immediate and had to draw back a bit from heavy issues and begin with seemingly smaller ones. I looked at feelings of hopelessness (common these days) helplessness (just as common) and found the same immediate relief. Removing these strong psych-emotional barriers allowed me to go further in.

For those who would benefit from, but who cannot afford, the Bob Beck Brain Tuner this is an absolute must. You do not need batteries, as the Brain Tuner does, nor do you have to lay out a hundred and sixty quid to buy it. You can learn the technique in minutes, practice it anywhere at any time, as many times a day as you like/need, and find immediate - almost instantaneous - and lasting relief.

The book is called EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE, by Gary Craig. you can Google Try the YouTube video “Six days at the V.A.” for a glimpse of the technique at work. Massive psychological issues can be neutralised in minutes. Quite amazing. A not to be refused offering and one to be added to the home medical chest to keep big pharma out of your lives.
Be well.

Kind regards, Musashi’s ghost.

Re: Emotional Freedom Technique

PostPosted: Sat Aug 03, 2013 2:15 pm
by musashi
It appears that a small number of people do not get the benefits of this technique.
There is a youtube video "what to do when EFT doesn't work for you"
Worth a look.

MUSASHI's ghost