Detox Aluminium

Detox Aluminium

Postby holy vehm » Sun May 05, 2013 5:26 pm

We are in the "Age of Aluminum", this according to a lecture by Dr. Chris Exley, PhD at a January 2011 vaccine safety conference in Jamaica. A common expression among those who deflect aluminum's toxicity issues is that aluminum is prominent throughout the earth's crust. What they fail to mention is that aluminum (Al) wasn't widely bioavailable to humans until the latter part of the 19th Century when it began to be mined for creating metals and medicines.

Now we have aluminum appearing in cookware, wrapping foils, beverage and food containers, underarm deodorants, tobacco, over the counter (OTC) and prescribed medicines, and as adjuvants in vaccines. Al is highly reactive with other chemicals and creates antigens to stimulate immune system antibody responses in vaccines. But the mechanics of these reactions are not understood by Big Pharma.

Dr. Exley, has been focused on aluminum biochemical mechanics for two decades, and doesn't claim to know all the answers. But he knows how wrong those who do claim to have all the answers are, and they are among the ranks of Al toxicity danger naysayers and the vaccine industry.

Aluminum body burdens
We all have some level of Al in us with which are bodies are coping. The tissues most prone to collecting and storing aluminum are those tissues with a slow cellular turnover. Cells die off and regenerate quickly on the skin, but not so quickly in bone matter, heart tissue and the brain. Those last three organs that don't have a rapid cellular turnover are most prone to collecting and storing Al.

Yes, the brain stores quite a of bit Al. And that's where MS, chronic fatigue syndromes, epilepsy, ADD, Alzheimer's, Guilliane-Barre' syndrome (a common post vaccination injury) and other neurological disorders manifest. Aluminum compounds that are injected bypass the liver and kidneys and tend to remain in slow cellular replacing tissues.

Non-ingested Al also includes smoking tobacco or marijuana, applied sunscreens and cosmetics and chemtrails. All vaccinations contain Al. Claiming they're safe without mercury, as some A1 proponents do, is incorrect. Exley also mentioned that most vaccines contain some iron -- iron combined with aluminum creates a highly biochemically-reactive compound.

Chemtrails are not contrails. They are real. All samples collected worldwide contained aluminum and more (

In the last 100 years, we have managed to increase the Al body burden considerably. The threshold for Al toxicity varies. But the incredible increase in neurological disorders during this "Age of Aluminum" demonstrates the need for eliminating it from our bodies as much as possible.

Easy methods for eliminating Al
Dr. Exley mentions one agent that pushes out stored Al from our bodies: High silica content mineral water. He mentioned two brands, Volvic, which is sold at various Whole Food and Trader Joe stores, and Spritzer, which is harder to find.

He and his team of researchers have tested the urine to prove high silica content mineral waters do the trick. He even presented anecdotal evidence of Gardasil adverse-reaction victims improving after a few months of drinking this type of water. He recommends drinking a liter a day to reduce your aluminum body burden.

But that water's a little pricey. You can order an inexpensive pound of horsetail herbs and make teas and tinctures to accommodate a less expendable budget. Making tinctures is easy ( Organic cucumbers are high in silica also and provide yet another alternative.

As long as there pockets of Al stored in our bodies, the potential for passing the threshold of absolute toxicity exists. Reducing the Al burden is vital for optimum health even when you manage to avoid the most common sources.

Sources for this article include:

Learn more:
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Re: Detox Aluminium

Postby musashi » Thu May 09, 2013 11:36 pm

Drink distilled water.

It's still fucked, isn't it?
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Re: Detox Aluminium

Postby musashi » Fri May 10, 2013 10:19 am

Switch to the Clean Dozen
- go as much as possible biocide and GE free -

The globalized agriculture and food industries have turned for profit against the interests of the people. Defend yourself against this Mafia.
Read the article below, get better informed also from other sources and grow important food plants like Tomatoes, Potatoes, Beans, Kale, Lettuce, Ruccola and other greens for salads biocide free and only from not genetically engineered (GE) and thereby GMO-free seeds in your own plot or guerilla garden. ... and don't forget some flowers and art.
The Top 14 Fruits and Veggies to Buy Organic
Basic text By Daisy Luther

The Environmental Working Group has released its 2013 list of The Dirty Dozen Plus and The Clean Fifteen.

The suggestions given by EWG are based strictly on the levels of contamination from pesticide. The Clean 15 list does contain items that are potentially genetically modified, so you must be aware of this fact when shopping, as I recommend strict avoidance of GMOs. Field corn (maize) and nearly all papayas from Hawaii are genetically modified. Some varieties of sweet corn, tomatoes, and zucchini are also genetically modified.

By purchasing your produce locally as much as possible, you can learn more about the source of your fruits and vegetables, and whether or not they were from GMO seeds. you can find a very comprehensive directory of local farms, co-ops and CSAs across the USofA HERE. [Proactive people around the world are encouraged to produce and publish their own area maps.]

The Environmental Protection Agency warns that the ingestion of pesticides can cause health problems such as “birth defects, nerve damage, cancer, and other effects that might occur over a long period of time.” Especially at risk of harm from pesticides are children.

Infants and children may be especially sensitive to health risks posed by pesticides for several reasons:

their internal organs are still developing and maturing,
in relation to their body weight, infants and children eat and drink more than adults, possibly increasing their exposure to pesticides in food and water.
certain behaviors–such as playing on floors or lawns or putting objects in their mouths–increase a child’s exposure to pesticides used in homes and yards.

Pesticides may harm a developing child by blocking the absorption of important food nutrients necessary for normal healthy growth. Another way pesticides may cause harm is if a child’s excretory system is not fully developed, the body may not fully remove pesticides. Also, there are “critical periods” in human development when exposure to a toxin can permanently alter the way an individual’s biological system operates. (source)

The website What’s On My Food takes a stronger stance than the EPA regarding the risks of pesticides.

The human health impacts linked to pesticide exposure range from birth defects and childhood brain cancer in the very young, to Parkinsons’ Disease in the elderly. In between are a variety of other cancers, developmental and neurological disorders, reproductive and hormonal system disruptions, and more.

Breast Cancer
Children’s diseases
Gestational diabetes
Parkinson’s Disease

The Dirty Dozen this year is actually the Dirty Dozen Plus, since there were two extra items that needed to take the walk of shame. The items on this list have high pesticide loads and should be purchased organic if at all possible.

Apples [What a Shame!]
Cherry Tomatoes
Hot Peppers
Nectarines (imported)
Sweet Bell Peppers
Kale/Collard Greens
Summer Squash

[... and we would add: GM-Ocra, Bt Eggplant and other transgenic, genetically engineered plants.]
Watch Out for GE Maize with sperm-killing capabilities: (yes, it was invented already in 2001)
Sivia Ribeiro, of ETC, had the following to say against the then California-based Epicyte’s venture into maize as a spermicide:
“The potential of spermicidal corn as a biological weapon is outrageous, since it easily interbreeds with other varieties, is capable of going undetected and could lodge itself at the very core of indigenous and farming cultures. We have witnessed the execution of repeated sterilization campaigns performed against indigenous communities. This method is certainly much more difficult to trace.”

On the bright side, there is another list. If you are on a budget and can’t get everything organic, these conventionally grown items are relatively safe choices:

Sweet Corn/Maize (not to be confused with potentially GMO canned corn/maize)
Eggplant [Beware of transgenic brinjals from India, which are engineered by using Bacillus thuringensis (Bt) genes]
Grapefruit [But beware: Grapefruit, although touted as a miracle fat burner actually makes it hard for your liver to breakdown oestrogen!]
Mushrooms [But beware mushrooms are heavy-metal collectors - so check from where wild ones come.]
Papayas [But NOT the GMO varieties e.g. from Hawaii - now also widely grown e.g. in Kenya]
Pineapples [But boycott those coming from corporates like Del Monte]
Sweet Peas
Sweet Potatoes [But not the transgenic variety where Monsanto had isolated a viral coat protein responsible for virus resistance and donated it to KARI in Kenya].

[... and we would add: Coconut, Arrow Root, Terere, Quinoa, non-GE Millet and non-GE Sorghum, Buck-Wheat, Wild Rice etc.]
[Beware: Already transgenic bhindi (okra or ladyfinger) and brinjals (aubergines or eggplants) have found their way illegally into agricultural productions in India and Africa.]
You can download The Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce™ HERE.

The EWG ranks 48 produce items from most pesticide to least pesticide HERE.

(*) Daisy Luther is a freelance writer and editor. Her website, The Organic Prepper, offers information on healthy prepping, including premium nutritional choices, general wellness and non-tech solutions. You can follow Daisy on Facebook and Twitter, and you can email her at


The Food Revolution Continues

Comprehensive List Of GMO Products

Learn about the Invisible GM Incredients

Check out another non-GMO shopping guide (for USA only)

.... and know only the IGNORANT and usually obese you will find loading at a supermarket.

Every coin you spend with small local businesses is money that the big hyper-marts won’t have to further kill the corner stores and force-feed you. Everything that you buy second-hand or barter for is an item on which you won’t pay sales tax. Disassociate yourself completely with “the system” that is making Western civilization broke, overweight and unhealthy. Starve the Beast by taking as many of these steps as possible…

Grow your own food (this starves Big Agri and Big Pharma both)
Shop at local businesses with no corporate ties
Join a CSA or farm co-op
Boycott all processed foods from supermarkets
Shop at local farmer’s markets
Boycott corporate stores: Wal-Mart, Costco, Best Buy, Home Depot, Spar etc.
Participate in the barter system - if no money changes hands, no tax can be added
Grow or gather kitchen and medicinal herbs
Visit berry patches and orchards as a family outing, then preserve your harvest for the winter
Raise backyard chickens for your own eggs
Collect rainwater for use in the garden
Avoid fast food restaurants and chain restaurants
Invite someone over for dinner instead of meeting at a restaurant
Throw creative birthday parties at home for your kids instead of renting a venue
Dine at locally owned establishments if you eat out
Pack healthy lunches for work and school
Bring your snacks and drinks in a cooler when you go on a road trip
Do all of your holiday or back-to-school shopping with small local businesses and artisans
Use natural remedies instead of pharmaceuticals whenever possible
Make your own bath and body products using pure ingredients like coconut oil, essential oils, and herbal extracts
Buy second-hand
Sell your unnecessary STUFF
Repair things instead of replacing them
Give homemade gifts
Mend clothing
Ditch television (and all the propaganda and commercials)




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It's still fucked, isn't it?
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