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Postby blake » Fri Mar 05, 2010 9:12 am

nameless wrote:I hope you don't mind if I continue with this thread, but I think this is definitely related, and a precursor to the ID card

I have received a letter from NHS regarding the new Summary Care Records. Has anyone else received this? It will be an electronic record of important information about my health and will be available to healthcare staff providing my NHS care etc. etc.

To 'opt' out, they want you to fill in an 'opt out form'. If this doesn't get done, they will assume you are happy to have your details stored so the world and his wife can gain access to your private information. I suppose the only way is to sign it by: xx of the xx family.

Any help on that one would be appreciated.

I haven't issued my NOUICOR as yet.So can I sign as above?
If we do will it be recorded as 'no consent'.

Incidentally the Ministerial Taskforce Report of 2006 mentions the option of opting out of the SCR but not the detailed report but then the detailed report is never mentioned again.

The Report on Secondary Uses of SCR quite clearly states that private companies must be allowed access to further research and also that faith in Personal Demographics Service (who will hold the personal info) isn't exactly high.Also talks a lot about consent not being needed.
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