Garlic & Beans

Garlic & Beans

Postby musashi » Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:01 pm

I've written quite a bit on the presence of brain damaging garlic in all sorts of foods where you would not expect to find it and I just discovered one more very surprising product.
Breakfasting with a friend yesterday she apologised for having no baked beans with the fry up. No prob, I said. I'm not that fond of them anyway. Her tenant produced a tin of Morrison's own brand baked beans for us to have and my friend joking asked if there was any garlic in them. We all laughed and I checked the ingredients. Garlic oil! Garlic oil is the worst and most dangerous from of the filth.
Garlic is increasingly being used in all manner of foods where no tradition of it is found. I mean, who the hell puts garlic in baked feckin beans?

People defend garlic because they say it is good for the blood and the heart.
The best thing for the heart is Blackthorn.
A really good thing for the blood is Apple Cider Vinegar. Neither have destructive side effects and the ACV cures gout as well.

One more time for any who may not have read what's been written before -
Garlic kills brain cells by the billion
Garlic dissociates both hemispheres of the brain.
Garlic shuts down the 7.83 Hz brain frequency which is the same as the Schumman earth ionosphere cavity resonance and the frequency which all true psychics evidence when they are in working mode. This has been shown many, many times on EEG readings.
If you eat garlic you are shut down psychically.
Come off garlic for a couple of weeks and then eat the tiniest bit of it to prove to yourself what it does - It's like having a mini stroke and a deeply unpleasant experience. You will never ant to eat that shit again.
You need to check ingredients if you buy any processed foods and especially avoid any and all Pepsi soft drinks because every single one of them contains extract of aborted foetuses. Check out the Pepsi Dead Baby Connection. And Nestle. And Cadbury. And . . . loads more besides.
Look into Fenaroli's book on food ingredients.
It's still fucked, isn't it?
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