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Basically, and very briefly, plasmonics is the study of the interaction between an electromagnetic field and free electrons in a metal.
Free electrons in a metal can be excited by the electric component of light to have collective oscillations and the absorption of that light can be enhanced in the metal, by the proper design of the metal pattern, for the creation of surface plasmons.

Plasmons can be described as an oscillation of free electron density with respect to the fixed positive ions in a metal. They oscillate back and forth at the plasma frequency until the energy is lost in some kind of resistance or damping. Plasmons are a quantization of this kind of oscillation.
Surface plasmon resonance, then, is the collective oscillation of free electrons in a solid, or a liquid, stimulated by incident light. It is solar energy conversion by non semi conductor insulated devices, and patterns can be made to absorb light in any particular part of the spectrum – from infra red to visible.

The commonest area of study is in the field of communications and a number of universities run courses on the subject - Queens University in London have suspended theirs - although the health uses of other photonic protocols are reasonably well known. It is in this area of health that Light Towers are in use.

It took three years for me and Mike Sapper to get one of these devices. We did so after experiencing the benefits of it one day when we went to Chippenham to support Bustachemtrails at court and met a young lady who had one. We were so impressed that we immediately set out to find the supplier and obtain our own.

Some of the claimed benefits for these are as follows. What I can check and verify I have done, but for other claims one would need a science lab, instruments and a deeper knowledge of physics than I possess. However . . . .
the pocket version of the light tower can be used to cleanse and purify foods/drinks, to bring relief to areas of pain and injury, to energise the body and protect against magnetic fields.

If aligned flat with magnetic north the plate creates a modulated frequency field (protectice light field) of approximately 75 metres.

Laid flat with the engraved pattern emblem pointed at an electrical device it will neutralise the electromagnetic field radiating from it when the appliance is switched on.

If placed on a gas pipe, with the emblem pointing the same way as the flow, the gas will burn more efficiently, neutralising toxic fumes.

It can be used to revitalise foods and drinks by waving it over the stuff for a few moments - with the emblem pointing down. It will remove undesirable imprints from water by placing a container of water on the plate with the emblem facing for a few seconds.

De-stress by holding the plate over the thymus for at least ten minutes. When treating the body the emblem is always pointing at the body. If treating on or above the heart the emblem should be pointing up. Below the heart the emblem points down.If treating on or below the wrists and ankles the emblem points up. Place the plate on an injury site for ten to twenty minutes.

Other uses.
Treat homeopathic remedies, crystals, essential oils, cosmetics, plants, seeds, - all plastic items as they attract EMFs - in fact just about anything that would benefit from reduced toxicity, energising and revitalising.

Detoxing is confirmed by myself and others. Energising similarly. Pain relief, yes.
Improved gas burning efficiency - which would, by default, reduce or eliminate toxic fumes - yes. Almost instant relief from breathing difficulties and improved oxygenation - yes.

kinesiology tests have demonstrated that it will neutralise harmful magnetic fields from mobile phones and Mike Sapper and I have experienceded this.

My bro, Mike Sapper, currently has the device to treat several friends so I am unable to comment more on any other aspect of the thing. Nor do I have the resources or scientific education to confirm other claims.

I am happy to have the device and believe it has been beneficial to me and others. Mike is of the same opinion, as are the friends he has loaned it to. Vast improvements not available from allopathic practitioners have been theirs.

I discount the placebo effect because neither I nor any other have been primed about what the device might do for them. It has simply been applied - as it was to me - and the results speak for themselves. I had the device for several months before I got any literature about it.

Obviously we found the distributor - not the producer - and he is willing to deal with others. He has asked me not to give his e-mail address out as he would prefer to talk over the phone. I am waiting for this number to reach me and when it does I shall publish it here.

If you are a scientist, physicist, or the like with appropriate test facilities and are able to test the more scientific claims for this device it would be good to hear from you. This pocket version of the light tower is of the approximate size and shape of a beer mat, made from surgical quality stainless steel. A pendant version is also available, as are larger plates/light towers.

Kind regards, Musashi.
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