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LionessRAW Radio Show - Mandatory Poisoning

PostPosted: Fri Jul 11, 2014 9:27 pm
by strawmansarah

[Copyright music has been edited out of this recording. Sky News has also been removed] Mondays 3pm to 5pm

Date: 7 July 2014

Subject: Mandatory Poisoning

My Guests: Nick, Max, Max Bliss, Virginia Keyes

We live in a world where poisoning is mandatory and objection is punished.

We live in a world where there are neurotoxins in our drinking water.

Aluminium and diseases such as anthrax are being sprayed on us from the skies

Our food is genetically modifed – causing deadly cacerous tumors in lab rats, but it goes un-labelled on the shelves.

Chemicals sprayed on our food that is toxic to the person spraying, but allegedly not to the person eating it!

Fluoride neurotoxins in toothpaste. It says on the tube not to swallow it – as it's a common rat poison!

Vaccines and teeth-fillings are laden with deadly mercury.

Television poisons the minds of the young – filling their heads with images of war and death: desensitizing them with promises of shiny purchases and the latest 'must have' gadget.

Of the 70,000+ chemicals used in cosmetics, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health reported that nearly 900 are toxic.

Carcinogens in almost all beauty products.

Religions poison the soul with fear, threats of eternal damnation unless you comply with their doctrine. Their rules.

Crude Oil and toxic waste is dumped into our oceans, killing fish and contaminating the food chain.

Recent research has linked breast cancer with the use of aluminium-based, underarm antiperspirants.

Nuclear power plants are poisoning the very planet we live on. We already have Chernobyl and Fukushima to look at, yet the government is pushing for more on UK soil.

Frackers are poisoning the water table making the water permanently unuseable.

And yet.... we watch X-Factor and Coronation Street and pretend all is ok.

It isn't.

Today is the day we need to stop thinking that 'someone will sort it'.

Today is the day we grow up.

Today is the day we realise we, each one of us is already SOMEONE.

Or are YOU..... no-one?