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Postby Dreadlock » Wed Jan 15, 2014 2:20 pm

Man does not equal human.

Human was originally written hu'man. "Hu" is a prefix which alters the meaning of the word which follows and has a meaning similar to "hue". A hue of red is similar to red in the characteristic which defines it as red, but is not actually "red". A human is similar to a man in the characteristics which define man, but is not actually a man.

Also. God created man not human - see the bible. Furthermore one definition of human is "profane" . Profane being the opposite of divine. Man is a divine work being the work of God.
See Websters 1828 and check other dictionaries too.

Not all dictionaries are equal. Those printed post 1970 are particularly poor in what I think is a deliberate attempt to pervert our language - this goes for legal as well as colloquial dictionaries. A further drop in quality can be seen in dictionaries printed post 1990.

18th century dictionaries are superbly detailed yet tend to be limited in scope, perhaps due to print or binding technology limitations. 19th century dictionaries (particularly latter half) tend to be less detailed, but are much broader in scope, than their 18th century counterparts, however they are generally far more detailed and superior to 20th century dictionaries. 21st century dictionaries are a joke.
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Re: Man

Postby Dreadlock » Wed Jan 15, 2014 11:05 pm

That's a good start but the oldest dictionary there is Bouvier's (1856) which does not contain an entry for human, although it does for man.
Black's 1st edition is barely 19th century (1891). Compare it with Black's 9th edition (2009) and the decline in quality should become obvious.

As for man v human you need to check more sources. Webster's 1828 for example. If you get the opportunity consult a Jesuit priest.

The following three dictionaries are quite frankly a joke and barely worth the paper they are printed on:
Bloomsbury Reference - Dictionary of Law 4th Edition (2004)
Oxford Dictionary of Law 5th Edition (2003)
The Essential Law Dictionary 1st Edition (2008)

Black's are ok up until about the 4th edition, after that they're a waste of time except for purposes of comparison.
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