My rights as a father?

My rights as a father?

Postby psilocybe244 » Mon Jun 17, 2013 4:51 pm

This is a multi topic question, not sure where to post it, hence I've put it here, if the admin/mods think its in the incorrect place then please feel free to put it where you think it should go.
It concerns fatherhood and policyman powers. I'd like some opinions please.
I'm currently seperated from my wife and havent had any real contact with my son in 2 years. I have tried to contact him through email etc but often its been the ex who has replied and she says he doesnt want to see me. I moved into a council flat not long ago as I was about to end up on the streets, the flat is near to where my son and ex live. She called the policymen on me and claimed I was harrassing her and my son. What I did was post his birthday card at their house, she viewed this as harrasment. Anyway the man in uniform came to see and gave me a warning to stay away. So for a few weeks I kind of did just that, I went to the store a longer way, I didnt go anywhere near their house. Obviously this didnt really feel right to me, I hadnt committed any crimes in my opinion, I hadnt harmed anyone, there was no loss to anyone etc. How do you freemen view this situation? I think I may end up with another visit from the policymen as I saw my son today (he was across a busy road), I shouted over to him and he shook his head, I then shouted I'm not a monster, I just wanted to talk to you. No doubt my ex will be angry at the fact that I tried to have a conversion with him again and call the poliymen.

I pay CSA each month even though I offered voluntary contributions, she still got them involved as she didnt trust I would pay regularly. I have never understood why he doesnt want to see me as I havent harmed him, all I did was tell his mother that I didnt love her any longer. In my opinion she has made me out to be some kind of monster and it seems he is now scared of me. I feel my rights as a father are kind of non existent here. Are they, how would all this situation be viewed under Common Law?
Thanks for reading.
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