A corrupt Will left to charity?! Help please

A corrupt Will left to charity?! Help please

Postby iknowmyrights » Tue Sep 18, 2012 9:33 am

Hey all,

My family member is having some issues with a will left by his late uncle.

Apparently it states that there is one executor of the will and one beneficiary and that is one of the cousins.
Now this cousin we all know he didn't like so firstly it's odd.
(she's been Round his house day and night since he got ill then passes on, sober think there's something fishy going on and she may have got him to sign something when he was unconscious and make herself in the will)

Now my family member called the solicitor who this fishy cousin swiftly got involved and they say
That they will not give any info to my family member as
It has nothing to do
With them
By law and they are not a beneficiary. He was really upset. Not just because it's odd, but because he
Was close to his uncle he shares his family name and looked the spitting image of him. As we said, the fishy cousin
He didn't like.

So my questions are:

1. How do we get a copy of the will (fishy cousin denies all
Knowlegde of seeing it! Lies)

2. How can the other nephews and nieces inc my family member contest the will

3. Some
Of the will apparently states that the money of sale of the estate
Goes to
Charity for cats (can we contest this)

4. All items in the house are being ransacked by fishy cousin and sold off is this ok?
Is she allowed to do this?

5. Solicitor will get commission from what?

6. We think that fishy aunt and solicitor are in on something together and it's very fishy!
Can we call solicitor and say you are representing fishy aunt and she made up false evidence andc hanged the will without his consent? Can we then take this to court?

Any help or feedback much appreciated! If this was me I wouldn't have got solicitors involved at all! And I would have kept the estate in
The family!
Stupid fishy relatives
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Re: A corrupt Will left to charity?! Help please

Postby singist » Mon Sep 24, 2012 12:48 pm

I'm not a lawyer so take this for what it's worth;

I'm pretty sure that the stuff in the house etc is part of the estate and cannot be disposed of until probate has been granted etc.
I would advise going to CAB or a 'free consultation' solicitor to get advise on all this stuff.
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