Beyond Birth

Beyond Birth

Postby squark » Fri Feb 17, 2012 3:03 am

I just did some really is bollox...but this info is growing on me..... hopefully someone can take it forward a bit. Its speculation but it make logical sense to me........

You are Born...registered....become an acquisition....a child of the province I heard from Canada....a ward of the court....your age is a disability....the Office of the Public Guardian looks after you........and puts your "stuff" in a public trust......The Public Trustee looks after you "stuff"......look for John Harris report from Dunn and Bradstreet on Ministry of Justice....also trading as Public Trustee Office......they also hold all the know where to look to find allodial title now over equitable title.....The Public trustees act 1906 section13 can see the accounts! this Consolidated Fund where the A4V value comes from?........also....... and to the activities of the Public Trustee as Custodian of Enemy Property....if the people knew what we really do they would.......theres a quote somewhere saying we are considered an enemy?

I watched Tim Turner last night from the uSA, running the origional USA that was left behind when the corporate USA was overlaid......Does the same exist here?
Strange to say I went to King Arthur Is' Grave (follow Alan Wilson on you tube) not long ago, asked the sky some questions, follow your nose seems the answer. Tim Turner says we have a new UK king lined up, different lineage!
I'm asking my MP "if you hold the UK in trust for the 70 million people where is my one 70millionth and how do I access it"
I think the above is headed the right way to find out myself! Just as well because last time I asked, her answers were lame as can be.
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