Please could someone enlighten me

Please could someone enlighten me

Postby maverick » Wed Jul 06, 2011 6:07 pm

Thank you FMOTL for your information on now what I call a new way of life, A true way of life but im in abit of a problem sorry if this is in the wrong thread but im in need of help,say i sopose to have had a couple of agreements with a certain bank, i have asked for the 4 lawfull things which im entitled to but they have just sent me statements and 1 copy of the agreement, one which i have signed but the other is what i can make out as a printed signature, when i phoned them up they said that they could only find the 1 agreement but not the other 2, i found some where in the 1 agreement that the account they put it in would stay active or live untill the loan has been paid off, they closed my account a long while ago are they breaching there agreement by this????? could someone help please any information would be great small or big, also at the end of the conversation with the bank i said to them are we on the agreement that because they do not have a contract or original copy of the agreements that i have no business with them and that they dont have any business with my self anymore on this matter ,after a good 20mins or so he said yes but if i want to call the enforcement team for more information that i could, i said after we made the agreement that he had no more business with me and that i had no more business overall regarding this matter, does this agreement stands and is that the end of the matter, as u can see im in abit of a muddle.
if anyone has the time for me i'll appreciate it, thx for your time
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