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Hi All,

I am asking how to make an affidavit. I believe this to be a document declaring my truth. Is that so?
I ask because my son and family negotiated with his landlord to end a house rental agreement early
as he could not afford the rent because his partner was off sick from work.I also could not absorb the
rent as guarantor. He and family came to live with me for a short while he awaited his job offer.
Although being verbally the job, and he is pursuing the matter, the bastards withdrew the offer.
After 2 weeks I had had enough. I wrote a leeter to the council saying he and his family must leave.
He has been put in temporary housing but now the council have decided that he made himself homeless.
The actions he took were in good faith as he had been promised employment, could not afford the rent
and did not want me to have to pay his rent which I could not afford to do. The council now tell him
that he could have claimed some kind of benefit. He knew of this but when he approached so jobsworth
at the council, he was told you might get something but it will not be much. Great to be wise after
the fact.
A helpful guy at CAB is helping him contest all this BS and has asked that I write a statement giving
my view of what happened. I want to put this down as an affidavit. What do I need to do? I.E. how
should I head it and what about witnesses?

I hope one of you guys can point me inn the right direction.

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Re: Affidavit

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This is the first one I did....the format is OK for most things....the affidavits that you'll mostly find on the forum are long rip the crap out of the Banks....and that might be too much for what you're after.

I've edited out the trademark and copyright stuff


I, Mark, Natural Man, claim Common Law as the sole jurisdiction under which I enact my lawful business.

Do hereby affirm and declare that :

1. COMPANY Ltd did

2. On or before 26th April 2004, but no earlier than the 21st April 2004, allow a person(s) known to them or reasonably known to them, to sign my name and the name of the witness by forgery, an act of fraud, on Agreement Number 000000000

3. As evidenced by comparison of my copy of the improperly executed agreement and the photocopied forged document issued by COMPANY Ltd and

4. For the next 5 years over the period of this void Agreement, remove sums of money from my bank account totalling £14,660, the principal amount and

5. COMPANY Ltd have provided no material fact or evidence to disprove my claim

6. Under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 S61 (1) (a) - An improperly executed regulated agreement can only be enforced by a Court Order S65 (1) and

7. Under the Bills of Exchange Act 1882 S24 - A forged document is void and

8. I am due the principal amount "paid to date" to be returned to me and

9. Under the Bills of Exchange Act 1882 S23 (1), "where a person signs in an....assumed name, he is liable thereon as if he had signed it in his own name". COMPANY Ltd should seek to recover the residual debt from this person(s). Therefore

10. COMPANY Ltd can not enforce the return of the car by Court Order, Consumer Credit Act 1974 S65 (2) and

11. Should COMPANY Ltd pursue me for return of the car or equivalent monies they will be subject to the terms of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997

I do hereby state my declaration under paragraphs (1) to (11) are true to the best of my knowledge.


On this day of 2009


Name: Mark


Attested by Witnessed by Witnessed by

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