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Postby nowares » Fri Jun 10, 2011 1:36 pm

Considering the whole freeman ethos is "live and let live" (no harm, loss, lies) so I don't see the harm.

The police can be fairly lienient on cannabis usage. As far as I'm aware a few plants won't get you done for distribution charges.
As long as you can argue it's not a huge amount bagged up ready to sell. Of course it's all down to discretion, so don't take my word for it.

I would agree this topic is probably best kept to cannabis related forums as it's a highly contentious issue.
It seems to be like Marmite :)
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Re: Freeman Cannabis Growers

Postby stukaville » Wed Jul 13, 2011 10:52 pm

I have just been raided by the police for possession and cultivation of Cannabis under the Misuse of drugs act 1971.

My wife suffers from CFS, Fibromyagia and Chrons disease and is on 25 different prescription drugs including Morphine.
Her Morphine use was becoming problematic to say the least and the painkillers she had been on were having bad effects on her stomach.
She found Cannabis beneficial and it improved her quality of life no end, needless to say it became rather expensive buying from dealers and i didnt really want to be associating with them so I began my own grow.

The Police seized all my plants and after seeing all my wifes medication, and finding no large amounts of cash, scales or bags accepted that I was not growing Cannabis for commercial gain. Curiously they didnt take any of my growing equipment or plant food. They just took my plants and a jar of dried Cannabis bud.

After an hour and a half in a cell I spoke to the chief constable who had listened to the arresting officer explain my wifes condition, and that he would like to see me cautioned only. The chief superintendant actually said "In your position, I would have done the same"

After some research omn the web it has become apparent that Sativex, a licensed product of GM pharma contains 66 + cannabinoids, about the same as a natural Cannabis plant.

I was after some thoughts/views on how to challenge the system on the basis that they granted a license to a company to do something for profit and gain that I am prohibited from doing out of compassion for my wife.
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Re: Freeman Cannabis Growers

Postby enegiss » Thu Jul 14, 2011 9:32 pm

i could guide you to a book called cannabis the facts, human rights and the law, it certainly contains a great deal of information for the brave and the bold, the jury has a right to find you not guilty, even if a statute says you are. i think you would stand a very good chance of a win given your circumstances, but i would not use a solicitor, and there is always a risk you will fall foul of a jury who are so conditioned to believing the act is the law regardless of the facts, anyway bruv, i wish you well. peace and light. it is suggested by some that gw pharmaceuticals started with a licence from the DEA, they are the company selling sativex as a sub-lingual spray
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Re: Freeman Cannabis Growers

Postby stukaville » Thu Jul 14, 2011 10:53 pm

Thankyou for that link to the book. I may just go for that. I know that truth and logic are on my side and that helping my wife is the moral thing to do. Translating that into a robust defence under common law is a much more difficult thing to achieve. I now have to decide if I should carrying on as before and risk a further raid by the police or turn to campaigning by writing to my MP etc(a probable waste of time as she wasnt interested in my Aspartame concerns).Campaigning doesnt help my wife, she is suffering now, and missing the benefits now.

Here is the current problems with one of the drugs she is on

and they claim they are protecting people from the harms of drugs?

My wife had 3 TIA mini strokes after being on a drug called Vioxx. It was withdrawn from the market, we were never told why by our GP. instead i saw iot on BBC News a few years after moving into an adapted council propery for her disabilities..
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Re: Freeman Cannabis Growers

Postby HighPanda » Wed Jan 11, 2017 7:58 pm

I am a cannabis connieseur not a user, I love it for a multitude of reasons, it is a natural god given gift to mankind a medication for some and for others it means nothing, it does different things for different people, and up until 1970s or whenever it was banned, it wasnt even a drug, parents didnt have a problem with it until the ban....and now smokers of this face stereotypes and prosecution. I dont care for alcohol and other stuff, but it does make me scream inside when I see people drinking freely outside bars on fancy tables etc, full view of kids who can pick up the water pipes and start blazing. If only smokers were allowed to do the same. Are any Freemen, growing with authorities aware?? if so please tell me how I can also do it, again I must say I do not want advice, just your comments.

People always complain that alcohol is legal, we need to remember that it was illegal at one point. The biggest problem with this is that people simply do not care enough. If every smoker came out and made a stand then we could get it legalised quickly. But as said, people do not have any drive and I don't see it happening.
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