Harassment by DWP

Harassment by DWP

Postby hydraman » Wed Nov 09, 2016 4:17 pm

Hi just to ask for a few pointers.
I own my own home in partnership with my brother. He does not live there but we are both named on the Council Tax Bill.
I pay for all the house hold bills, Gas, Electric, Water, Council Tax and TV. I also pay my brother monthly to buy out his share of the property.
Whilst working away I met a lady who became my partner. She lived in rented accommodation and claimed her own Housing Benefit and Council Tax.
Due to accidents and illness I came to claim as her carer and looked after her in exchange for board and lodge whilst still working weekends 16hrs.
Over the years we shared our lives in the best ways we could but I still retained my own home.
After some serious operations she became concerned that she might not survive her last operation and asked about a will and could I sort out her affairs and wishes if she was to die. The law about passing on to next of kin would result in her oldest son inheriting everything. As she had disowned her two eldest children we wondered what to do.
Basically we opted for a "Marriage of convenience" as the quick option. I will add that her disability prevented us from consummating this union.
O.K. so now for the destruction of our world!!
This year the DWP investigated her affairs and discovered that she had money in her bank accounts that exceeded the limit that they allowed.
This was because she had been awarded money from criminal compensation claim caused by an attack at work that led to her being unable to continue in employment.
Then she was awarded some pension money which was to cover her for her future health needs. She also held money for her daughter for her wedding.
Being a pensioner her income was her pension and her disability payments. During extended periods of illness she was unable to deal with her finances and the payments accumulated in her account.
Anyway DWP claim fraud on the grounds that they had paid her housing and council tax. She is left with a bill for £25000 in housing benefit and £5000 in council tax.
Since her benefits have been stopped and the DWP had PIP remove her DLA from her as well she will never be able to repay the debt. All her savings have now been spent in rent and council tax along with the utility bills. Her basic pension will not cover the overheads and will result in her becoming homeless.
As the DWP knows that she will be unable to cover the debt they are now pursuing me as her "Husband".
They keep sending letters for me to attend an interview under caution. They want all my bank statements and earnings since 2009. I have returned the letters but now they are ringing to speak to me.
They have imposed all the usual threats and claim that the interview is in regards to "MY CLAIM" for housing, and council tax benefit.
I never claimed for any of these and have also paid for my home Council Tax and only resided at the other address as a live in carer.
Do I need to talk to the DWP or can I just tell them to go away. They are holding me now jointly responsible for my partners debts and possibly fraud.
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Re: Harassment by DWP

Postby cassandra » Thu Nov 10, 2016 11:23 am

This is far too complicated for your average freeman to deal with so I don't think you'll get any help here - although some may throw a theory or two at you. I suggest you go to getoutofdebtfree and see if Ceylon or any of his crew can help you. I can't, and all the original old fmotl guys who probably could have helped you no longer write here. Sorry.
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