working family tax credit

working family tax credit

Postby daizi » Sat May 30, 2009 9:37 am


I am sorry if this has already been covered elsewhere; I have been reading loads the past few days, but haven't found any info so far on this particular issue.
Is it all or nothing in terms of responding to fictions? If I respond to one; should I respond to all, or can I pick and choose ?

I ask as I am in receipt of Working Family Tax Credit, and at this time would find it hard to manage without it. (My main motivation for receiving said 'benefit' is that it pays 80% of my child care costs, and I use a Steiner kindergarten for would be hard for me to fund this without this 'help'. As the government is unwilling to fund alternatives to the state educational system; and it really doesn't feel right to me to send my children to state schools, paying for childcare in this way has been the most effective way to use my time, and the 'benefits' I am entitled too.)

I am finding out that taxes are being used to fund XYZ which I do not agree with and would rather not be part of, but I feel tied to paying them as I am in receipt of WFTC..and it doesn't make common sense to me for me to ignore certain letters adressed to my fiction from HMRC and not others...

I hope that makes sense; my brain is working overtime at the moment.

: )
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Re: working family tax credit

Postby Veronica » Sat May 30, 2009 10:13 am

daizi wrote:Is it all or nothing in terms of responding to fictions?: )

No ... it's not all or nothing. For a number of reasons:

1. You have been defrauded from birth, to pay into schemes. Are you suggesting that you are not entitled to have your money back? Common Sense should tell that you are fully entitled to that. And, if responding to Legal Fiction Person is the way to achieve that then - they made the rules - not you. You therefore have no responsibility for the mechanisms in which you were embroiled by deception. All you are doing is recovering what you were defrauded from in the past. Fraud is fraud, and there is no Court de facto that will right that wrong. So you are fully entitled to right that wrong, in whichever way you choose, in your own self-defence.

2. You are entitled to your birthright. You, as your Human Self, are the CREDITOR on the Trust Fund that was set up automatically when you were born. They deceived you (yet again) by not telling you about this. They did that because they wanted to buy/sell your 'soul', and make a profit on you, on the Securities Exchanges worldwide.

3. You can always get any charges against you dismissed by a Court de facto, by claiming Common Law jurisdiction. They do not have that jurisdiction, and neither does any Government Agency (including the Policymen when acting outside the role of Peace Officers)

You are free because you say you are free. Being free means you can choose your own battles.

Watch the Mark McMurtrie Videos in the Media Library. The audios & presentation are not good, but there is enough there to make the points.

These ones particularly. (And particularly right at the end of Part 3)
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