Implied right of access breached

Implied right of access breached

Postby chossy » Sun Aug 05, 2012 8:11 pm

Hi i had pcn it got to the state where the bailiff got involved so i sent a notice of removal of implied right of access that they got on tuesday.
Thursday morning 7am the bailiff at the door again so i informed him he was tresspassing and his implied right of access had been removed he took no notice.
So i went out side and he was clamping my car i again informed him of his breach and tried to give him a copy of the notice which he would not take.
Called the police they told me basicly to get lost and would not do anything about it.
My kids where watching on so i tried to be restrained and not resort to vilonce.Any way we had some personal ditress which i wont talk about online 2 weeks ago and my wife is still in bits over it so she begged me to pay so i did.
So now i want to pursue the leeches for the £5000 as stated in my notice.
How do i do this letter writing is not my strong point
Do i need the bailiff address ? or can i send the invoice via the company.
So many questions will any of you be able to advise me on the way forward.


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Re: Implied right of access breached

Postby holy vehm » Wed Aug 08, 2012 8:09 pm

Buy a rottie and an grinder. Enforce your notice of removal of implied right of access.
Phone the police when it happens again, then when they refuse to get involved say fine, then call them back 10 mins later saying the situation had been resolved, you shot him.
Watch how fast the police turn up then.

You better be absolutely correct that you have the authority to enter my property and start causing distress, cos if you have not, fuck ya.

Buy a clamp online, while he is clamping yours, clamp his.

Do you have a fence with a gate at the front of the property, if so buy one of those padlocks that uses a combination keypad, lock the front gate, leave the rottie in the front garden. Put a disclaimer on the front gate.
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Re: Implied right of access breached

Postby iknowmyrights » Wed Aug 15, 2012 4:09 pm

I see holy vehm reasoning but be very careful when getting the police involved in anything to do with bailiffs!

I was in a very similar position, and the bailiffs laughed in my face when I showed him the notice. Then the other NOTICE of implied right of access he ripped up in front of me.

So I called the police and the police of course took the side of the bailiff (which I know now they shouldn't have done)

Anyway my advice for dealing with bailiffs is:
Never answer the door
Never get into communication with them.
Park your car in a different area until he goes if possible.
Cover yourself.
For a PCN it sounds like its got a bit out of hand.
Have you read about the different types of bailiffs?

There are lots of useful links on here. Make sure yiu know where yiu stand.

I've had success with a bailiff for my council tax, by following the above and being persistent but peaceful with letters.

Don't get the policy men involved they will just make things worse. :police:

That's my pennies worth

Good luck


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