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Re: Newbies Please Read.

Postby treeman » Fri Apr 13, 2012 5:06 pm

Well done dread :clap: :yes: :peace:
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Re: Newbies Please Read.

Postby pedawson » Fri Apr 13, 2012 5:39 pm

Dreadlock wrote:Basically, I just wanted to mention that what we call money today is not money at all, it is a token of debt when it should really be a token of value. They are two very different concepts and the word "money" has really been hijacked.

Whenever we shop or spend it should be remembered that we are not giving anything other than a note that promises to pay.
A debt always returns to where it was originated and that is the Bank of England.
When we are paid we are paid with a promise and of course that debt does the rounds and eventually returns to the bank.

What one is doing when they 'PAY' for something is passing on a debt.
The question here is 'DID we actually get paid?
I think not, we were given debt notes that promise to pay and not actually paid at all.
Because debt is not FIXED, that is to say, the longer a debt is owed and interest is applied, that interest inflates the debt thus increasing the debt in circulation and as a result creates inflation that decreases the value of the amount promised.
By this, the value you were paid (in promise) is vastly reduced over time. So not only are you NOT paid you are given a debt that reduces how much you were paid.
By this reconning I am owed millions in interest or millions in what should actually be money. From the owner of the debt - THE BANK OF ENGLAND.

Anyone care to expand on this.

Namaste, rev;
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Re: Newbies Please Read.

Postby Dreadlock » Sat Apr 14, 2012 4:09 pm

There are two ways of viewing the question of "Did we actually get paid?"

From a legal perspective we did. Promissory notes are legal tender and any debt can be paid off by anything the debtee accepts as payment, be it gold, silver, chickens, chicken manure or more promises to pay. This comes under the freedom to contract in any way we choose.

From a lawful perspective we did not. All buying and selling is based on contract law and a contract can be defined as an exchange of promises which is enforceable once one side has given consideration.
"Consideration" is something of value such as a commodity, labour or a token of value (real money).

So if I sell someone a house and they give me modern "Money" I have given them consideration, a house, but they have given me nothing of value in return because modern money is merely a promise to pay and therefore has no value. I could argue that I have not been paid. Their argument would be that they gave me legal tender and that I accepted it and therefore I have been paid. They would be correct - unless I stipulated before the initiation of the contract specifically how the house was to be paid for i.e by some means other than "money".

Now if we go back in time to when "Money" was backed by gold there wouldn't be a problem because they would have given me proper consideration for the house - a token of value rather than a token of debt.

It follows that when we take out a mortgage on a house there is no contract with the bank as they have not given us consideration, the "money" they give us has no value, furthermore they created it from thin air. They do however expect us to give them consideration for the next 30-40 years, the amount borrowed + interest, paid for by the sweat of our brows, being labour, which is of course something of value and is therefore proper consideration.

How's that for a con job?
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Re: Newbies Please Read.

Postby Noisytone » Tue May 15, 2012 8:36 am

Good posts :) ,

This is exactly what Michael Tellinger is trying to do with his case against the Bank of South Africa regarding mortgage fraud by the banks . So far hes had all the usual stone walling and dodgy attempts to sweep it under the carpet and is now trying to get it heard in the constitutional court . Ive been trying to find out what the latest news is as im sure we are all aware if this goes mainstream public and he gets a result the banks and crooks who knew what was really going on are well and truly fucked .

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