the father's

the father's

Postby robandragon » Sat Jun 11, 2011 2:09 pm

Everything which is the father's is also mine.

The health of the father is also mine.
The wealth of the father is also mine.
The infinite intelligence of the father is also mine.
The infinite love of the father is also mine.
The infinite ONE power is also mine.
The wholeness of the father is also mine.
The perfection of the father is also mine.

Now I can rest...
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Re: the father's

Postby pedawson » Sat Jun 11, 2011 5:09 pm

Well I am, not so, glad you have taken your eye off the ball. Because if you believe what you just stated you HAVE.

I will not rest until the job is done, not because of some emotion but because of real and imminent action.
There is NO ONE out there that is / has been or coming to save our ASSES it is to EACH to do whatever they can, through action.

They are wonderful sentiments but nothing else, no substance. I do not live in fairy land, I live in a reality that I am not comfortable with and it needs changing.
The reality, IS, and I am not coming from a religious standpoint, we are being manipulated to believe that there is a saviour. This belief is an OLD value and it does NOT serve us, in the now, nor will it serve us in the future.

From a religious standpoint god / universe / deity says we have 'CHOICE' and that choice is to be FREE or enslaved, as it stands right now.

This is NOT a dig at you or your beliefs, however if you were to be confronted with what we are facing right now, your words will not save you or your family from harm and giving false hope to those that are weak of mind with such rhetoric will do more harm than good. What we need right now is TRUTH that will set us free.
And that truth to me is, 'I am equal to all and no-ones slave.' This includes everyone including what you call 'father'.

Namaste, phil; :peace:
Don't be surprised to discover that luck favours those who are prepared
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